Pink Is ‘People’ Magazine’s Beautiful Issue Star & Twitter Is Beyond Happy

Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images; ChrissyBee123/Twitter

For 2018, Pink graces the cover of People magazine's Beautiful Issue. Her appearance follows multiple-honorees Jennifer Aniston (in 2016) and Julia Roberts (in 2017). And tweets about Pink being People's Beautiful Issue cover star show that people are excited to see the singer on the front of the magazine. Throughout her career, Pink has always been outspoken about who she is and the internet is happy to see that she's being acknowledged for not just her looks, but her beautiful personality.

Pink is currently on her Beautiful Trauma tour, so it seems only appropriate that People chose her for the cover of its Beautiful Issue. She's also joined on the cover by her two children with husband Carey Hart — 6-year-old daughter Willow and 1-year-old son Jameson. In the article, she discusses the type of mother she is and how she strives to raise her kids. As she made clear in her speech at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, she doesn't think her children should conform to gender stereotypes and she wants them to think of themselves as beautiful exactly as they are. "I don't like labels at all so I believe that a woman and a girl can do anything," Pink told People. "And I believe that a boy can do anything."

With her embracing attitude toward parenting and her own honest personality, Pink has been an inspiration to fans long before this People cover. So the magazine recognizing the unreserved, strong, and talented singer has people applauding the decision.

It's Well-Deserved

Pink has Twitter's stamp of approval.

She's Beautiful & Strong

People noted in its coverage that Pink is incredibly fit, as she proves through her acrobatic performances. But fans admire that she's strong on the inside too.

And She's A Strong Mom

Her power isn't reserved to her own body and personality as she showed by having her children on the cover with her. She told People about her parenting, "I believe in needs being met and faith being implemented, and I believe in letting your kids know they can count on you, and that you'll be there."

Her Kids Are Beautiful Too

Fans noted that Pink's beautiful personality and looks have been passed down to her beautiful kids.

She Embodies Beauty

This fan thinks that Pink "embodies everything that makes a human beautiful" — and she's far from the only person who has that opinion.

She's An Icon

Pink has been performing since the '90s and became famous at the turn of the millennium. And she is still going strong, like she proved when she sang the National Anthem during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Fans Are Happy For Her

People reported that in an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Pink admitted she "laughed out loud" when she got the call about being on the cover. But even if she was laughing about it, fans are so thrilled for her.

She Was The "Perfect" Choice

While People wanted to make it clear by renaming the Beautiful Issue this year that it isn't a competition, Pink still felt like the "perfect choice" to some fans. But everyone is perfect to Pink. Like she sings in the clean version of her 2010 song, "Oh, pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel like you're less than, less than perfect."

In her interview, Pink noted that not everyone has liked her throughout her life and years of fame. "You're not always going to be popular," Pink said. "When you're a woman with a lot of opinions and you don't back down and you don't apologize, it's hard ... it's hard for people. But I'm OK with it because I like me." And based on reactions to her People Beautiful Issue cover, lots of other people like her too.