Twitter Wants ‘Roseanne’ To Be Replaced With These Reboots Of Nostalgic TV Shows

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Though a lot of fans agree that ABC's decision to cancel Roseanne on Tuesday, May 29 was certainly warranted, they're still in the midst of mourning the nostalgia the show brought to TV screens. So much so that fans think ABC should replace Roseanne with another nostalgia classic, and all of the suggestions floating around Twitter are too perfect.

On Tuesday, May 29, Roseanne Barr shared a now-deleted racist tweet on Tuesday in the week about Obama administration's former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, and Barr apologized for the tweet via another tweet. As a result, ABC canceled the reboot from it's lineup. In a statement provided to Bustle on May 29, ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey said,

"Roseanne's Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show."

While many fans praised Dungey and ABC for taking a profound stance against bigotry of any kind, there were also discussions about how the cast and crew of the reboot were unfortunate casualties in the incident. It hasn't been formally announced whether or not ABC has concrete plans to replace the highly rated show with anything just yet, but if fans have anything to do with it, they'd see that another nostalgia classic fills its place.

1. ‘Golden Girls’

ismashfizzle on Twitter

Even though the late-'80s early-'90s classic's seven seasons are currently being syndicated on TV Land, some fans are still insistent that the show makes an appearance on the network television channel.

2. ‘Cheers’

dumbbeezie on Twitter

Nothing screams "nostalgia" more than Cheers reruns. And if we're talking about theme songs, the early-80s sitcom definitely takes the cake.

3. ‘Cops’

abid_ism on Twitter

Speaking of theme songs, if Cheers' is in first place, COPS' catchy track is totally the runner up. Surprising to some, the FOX orginal program is still on the air and producing new episodes (going all the way into its 30th season), but it sitting in Roseanne's resting timeslot doesn't really sound like a bad idea.

4. ‘A Different World’

omgkee on Twitter

Even better, some fans think it'll be really cool to replace Roseanne with a show that's been praised for its impact on African American culture. And honestly, the show's former executive producer Debbie Allen and Shonda Rhimes collaborating to create a reboot would be earth-shattering.

5. ‘Perfect Strangers’

mattjgag on Twitter

Dale McRave's early-'90s cult-classic Perfect Strangers could totally fit within Roseanne's shoes as a great replacement. After all, it is an orginal ABC production.

6. ‘The Nanny’

maxfalkowitz on Twitter

Fran Drescher's '90s CBS program The Nanny has also been mentioned a time or two to replace the Roseanne Barr sitcom. And who wouldn't want to see how married life panned out for Fran Fine and Mr. Sheffield?

7. ‘All in the Family’

adiamondbarron on Twitter

Archie Bunker may have been well versed in culturally insensitive comebacks, but finding out where the Bunker family is today could be interesting.

8. ‘Pushing Daisies’

gingeypumpkinz on Twitter

The '00s mysterious comedy-drama only ran on ABC for two seasons, so yeah... the hilarious show totally deserves more screen time.

9. ‘Living Single’

mnena on Twitter

Deemed as one of the most underrated '90s programs, Queen Latifah and Kim Field's classic may have found its place streaming on Hulu, but it couldn't hurt to have a reboot airing in Roseanne's former primetime slot, either.

10. ‘Frasier’

theironshep on Twitter

Kelsey Grammer's NBC cult-classic popping up as a reboot? Seriously, if Roseanne could bring Dan back from the dead, anything's possible.

11. ‘Girlfriends’

ry_jc on Twitter

Tracee Ellis Ross may be already starring in a primetime ABC program, but it wouldn't hurt to get a few life updates from Mara Brock Akil's iconic character.

12. ‘Family Matters’

mehnazt on Twitter

Filling Roseanne's timeslot with Family Matters, which is geared towards more of a diverse audience? Oh, the irony.

13. ‘Scrubs’

thrillhousemax on Twitter

Reruns of this '00s hit can be found on Comedy Central, but a reboot, showing just how far J.D. has advanced in his career, or fallen off if he and Turk weren't able to get their jovial antics underwraps, would be perfect for the ABC network to explore.

With that said, if ABC is in search for the same nostalgia feeling Roseanne filled its audience with, they totally have more than a few programs to choose from.