You're Going To Want To Play Tyler C.'s 'Bachelorette' Drinking Game

ABC/Ed Herrera

The only thing more fun than watching The Bachelorette is talking about The Bachelorette on social media. Even the show's contestants agree. This season's Tyler C even created a Bachelorette drinking game. It only has one rule, which is simple enough, but it might actually be one rule too many. In his June 17 Instagram Story, Tyler shared a scene of this season's "villain" Luke P at the cocktail party and wrote, "Every time you hear 'can I interrupt you' take a sip." Oh, boy. That's a dangerous drinking game. Luke P is all about the interruptions.

In Monday night's episode, Luke P wouldn't stop attempting to defend himself during the last episode. He mostly failed, in part because he kept interrupting everyone who tried to talk to him. At one point, Hannah even asked him to stop doing it because it bothered her so much (yet she still gave him a rose).

After Garrett asked Hannah if Luke P talked about any of the other guys on their date, Hannah explained that he did, but it was in response to specific questions that she asked and wanted answers to. Garrett was upset about this because he asked Luke P if he mentioned anyone from the house after the one-on-one and Luke told him no, in front of the whole group. And, just like that, the Bachelorette cocktail party devolved into a full on war of words, with Luke P on one side and all the other guys on the other.

This show is called The Bachelorette. Shouldn't they be talking to Hannah about their own relationships instead of focusing on her interactions with another guy? Maybe that's just too logical. Luke kept trying to explain himself, even though he did this without giving any actual explanations. He sure did interrupt a whole lot though. In fact, Luke P interrupting is quickly becoming his signature move in the house, which makes Tyler's new drinking game is the best/worst idea. Or as Chris Harrison might remark, it's the "most dramatic drinking game yet."

Tyler shared a few thoughts throughout the night, as he seemingly watched the episode. After coming up with this brilliant drinking game, he also posted a video of one of his friends asleep during the episode. Across the video, Tyler wrote that his friend is "tired of the Luke P show as well." Aren't we all?

Even though Luke P is always in the spotlight, Tyler did throw some shade at another Bachelorette contestant, himself. In one Instagram Story, Tyler wrote "Can someone please close my mouth?" True to form, Tyler's mouth was open in the photo that he posted when he asked that question.

Tyler even reenacted his signature open mouth look in another Instagram Story.

And that's not all. Before he signed off for the night, Tyler had one more self-deprecating remark to make, calling himself out for saying "you know what I mean" repeatedly. He even joked, "we will get through this together... you know what I mean." We, do Tyler. Though, let's be honest, at this point, Bachelorette viewers would much rather hear Tyler say "you know what I mean" for a whole two-hour episode instead of hearing Luke P say anything on this show ever again.

Unfortunately, The Luke P Show is really running strong. And, for some reason, it doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. Thankfully, there are some Tyler C gems sprinkled in here and there. Even if he just has one go-to phrase and a signature facial expression, he is very much a fan favorite. And, with his new drinking game out there, it's safe to say some audiences are going to have way more fun watching whatever unravels next.