Tyra Banks Says 'Life-Size 2' Is Changing With The Times

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Freeform 2017 Upfronts brought confirmation of the long-awaited sequel to Disney's modern masterpiece Life-Size. The movie about a Barbie-esque doll, Eve, who becomes a real life woman who helps a young Lindsay Lohan grieve over the loss of her mother was a hit, and that's thanks in large part to the immense talent of Tyra Banks. Now Banks is back to play Eve again, and she shared with Bustle Associate TV Editor Martha Sorren on the Freeform Upfronts red carpet in New York City on Wednesday that Life-Size 2 is going to be way more progressive than its predecessor — while still staying true to the story's warm heart.

As much as everyone loves Life-Size, there is no denying gender politics have become more progressive since the film's 2000 debut, and Banks is eager to have Eve reflect today's world as she returns to life, this time to work some Christmas magic. She tells Bustle,

"I'm starring in and executive producing, and we did many scripts over five years with different writers. Then we realized, "Wait, who are these little girls who watched "Life-Size"? But now they're grown up, so shouldn't Eve kind of grow up in her head ... her brain needs to, kind of, be different, so she's going to be edgy and experiencing the things that people who watch Freeform experience for the first time."

It's clear Life-Size 2 is in good hands with Banks on board as an executive producer. The star understands how much the world has changed since the first film's debut, and she sounds eager to build on what was already a progressive film for its time. The first movie dealt with grief, being a young woman playing a male-dominated sport, and the near limitless possibilities of what Eve could do, given her wide range of accessories. Now it's time to see a more assertive, free-spirited Eve that's in line with the dolls young women of today play with, like the Monster High line.

The Eve of 2018 will be seeing a new world where women, and the toy industry, are experiencing major shifts in perception. While it has not yet been revealed who will be bringing Eve to life this time, they will be bringing her into a different world. The press release reveals, "Eve will experience the ups and downs of real life in a fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie."

Maybe the former doll turned temporary human will be freed from the idea that she has to be perfect once an for all? Even better, maybe this time around she will choose to stay alive, even after her time spent as a Christmas miracle worker is done.

In her interview, Banks hinted at how Life-Size 2 is going to build on the already feminist framework established in the first film. She says,

"'Life-Size' one was kind of ahead of its time. That the "perfect" thing is not great. Remember, she [Eve] got a makeunder, and it went away from that she had on jeans and cut her hair short so the image was not about being all perfect. It was like a tinge of what's happening now."

Eve was already rebelling against the idea of female perfection in 2000, so you can bet in 2018, when the movie premieres on Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas lineup, she will be ready to experience everything the world has to offer for a doll who has spent her entire existence trying to live up to societal ideas. Hopefully, Eve will get a true taste of freedom as she enters the modern age.

Additional Reporting By Martha Sorren.