You Can Make Sparkly Unicorn Jell-O Shots Now

I have never really been a Jell-O shot kind of person, largely because I’m not a gelatin person in the first place — but I might make an exception for these fun-looking treats: You can get unicorn gelatin shot kits at retailers like Walmart and Amazon now. Made by Crafty Cooking Kits, they’re ostensibly for kids (and therefore alcohol-free in their natural state)… but, I mean, let’s be honest: There is no reason an adult can’t also seize the opportunity to make unicorn gelatin shots. Whether you choose to leave them as-is or add a boozy kick to them, they’re still fun, even if your childhood is long behind you.

According to the product listing, the Magical Unicorn Gelatin Cups Kit comes with berry-flavored gelatin mix, red and blue colored powders, rainbow sprinkles, and unicorn decorations, along with six plastic cups in which to mix up your creations. You’ll need to supply two cups of boiling water, a muffin pan, and aluminum foil yourself; you can also add your favorite boozy beverage to the mix if you want to make your unicorn gelatin shots… uh… let’s call it extra magical.

It’s not immediately clear what the instructions require when it comes to actually making the treats; the item description on the side of the box tells us only that it involves “pink and blue berry-flavored gelatin [blending] magically together to leave both kids and adults mystified.” Does it work like the long-discontinued dessert Jell-O 1-2-3, which divided itself into three different layers during the refrigeration process? Do you just, y’know, make two different colored gelatins and pile them on top of each other? Who knows!

Either way, though, you get to top each little up off with rainbow sprinkles and unicorn heads at the end, so, hey, that’s fun. If you’re feeling especially extra, you might also think about adding a dollop of Cool Whip or some actual whipped cream to the cup before you go to town with the sprinkles.

I’ll admit to being a little disappointed that the unicorn heads are not edible; they’re just little paper decorations you stick in the top of the finished gelatin cups. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t point the fact that the kit isn’t terribly highly reviewed — on both Walmart and Amazon, a number of reviewers commented on the excessive firmness of the gelatin, as well as its relative lack of flavor. (To be perfectly honest, gelatin has never tasted like much of anything to me, so this particular criticism seems kind of like yelling at water for being wet, but maybe that’s just me.)

Either way, though, they’re not terribly expensive — between $4 and $6 a kit, depending on where you shop — so if you’re looking for an affordable way to keep either your favorite kids or just, y’know, yourself entertained on a rainy day, they might be worth a shot. Have fun!