Hostess Just Released UNICORN Cupcakes Full Of Pink & Purple Bits


An indisputable truth is that no offering in the snack food world can achieve true self-actualization until someone has created a unicorn version of it. The latest brand to get on the long-running sparkly unicorn train may be among the most iconic — Hostess launched Unicorn CupCakes in a menagerie of colors that will make even the most seasoned unicorn stan blink a few times to fully absorb them. Essentially, the Unicorn Frapp at Starbucks and Hostess had a weird delicious baby, and it is begging to get 'grammed, for better or for worse.

Much like the CupCakes you know and love, the unicorn version is crème-filled yellow cake — except this version is filled with "pink and purple bits," and features teal icing with a pink squiggle, all topped with purple sprinkles. At present you'll only be able to find these limited edition newbies at Walmart, where they're retailing $2.97 for a pack of eight. That gives you just enough time to figure out where you are going to stage aforementioned 'gram before you race out to grab them, because in the spirit of "limited edition," they're not going to be on shelves forever — much like unicorns themselves, this magic will only be fleeting.

This isn't the first time Hostess' CupCakes have seen a colorful shakeup this year; in February, Hostess Birthday CupCakes also hit shelves, marking the brand's 100th birthday. That variety came with rainbow sprinkles baked inside, reminiscent of Funfetti. Like the Unicorn CupCakes, the flavor is essentially yellow cake with vanilla icing, but also like the Unicorn CupCakes, this is less about taste and decidedly more about ~aesthetic~.

Those who are interested in a taste shakeup, though, will be delighted to know that Pumpkin Spice Twinkies have officially hit shelves again for 2019; fittingly, Iced Pumpkin CupCakes have also arrived, which feature pumpkin cake with creme filling and vanilla icing. Essentially, if there is an autumnal vibe you are looking for, there's probably a Hostess snack somewhere out there that will match it.

My real question is, as always, whether we're going to get any kind of Pumpkin Spice or Birthday/Unicorn/Instagrammy version of Zingers, which I reserve are the most underrated Hostess offering of all time, but I will take with the autumnal snack gods bestow upon us and be grateful.

In the meantime, if you're looking for more unicorn magic at Walmart, you're in luck — with your Unicorn CupCakes, you'll also be able to find gems like the pink and blue swirled Unicorn Morsels that you can use for all your pastel baking needs, as well as the delicious-looking multicolored Unicorn Ice Cream Cake, which not only pays homage to your favorite mythical beast, but also combines your two most favorite desserts. It is a veritable unicorn rave at Walmart this year, y'all, so head on over to get your sparkle on. It's not a real party until all your insides are as pink, purple, and blue as your unicorn dreams.