Until The Next 'Wonder Woman' Movie Comes Out, Here's How Fans Can Get Their Fix

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2017 will be remembered as the year of Wonder Woman thanks to the superhero movie to end all superhero movies, Wonder Woman. The movie broke box office records, course-corrected the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), and created hundreds of new Wonder Woman fans desperate to get their hands on a Wonder Woman sequel. Unfortunately, the sequel is still in early stages of development, but there are other ways to get your Wonder Woman fix until the next movie. In the DCEU alone, there are two other movies fans can watch to see the hero in live action, as played by Gal Gadot. And, outside of the movie theater, there are even more ways for fans to enjoy the superhero.

Obviously, fans anxious for Wonder Woman 2 could watch Wonder Woman over and over again until you break the DVD player and can quote the entire thing word for word. Once you're done with that, however, you're going to need a few backups. Nothing can really replace Patty Jenkins' superb superhero origin movie, or come close to the highly anticipated sequel, but there are a few other Wonder Woman movies, television shows, and/or other forms of entertainment that should keep the spirit of Wonder Woman alive in the meantime.


Re-Watch 'Wonder Woman'

Wonder Woman is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and to download via any number of online retailers. Do yourself a favor and buy the hit movie so that you can watch it to your heart's content. There is literally no way you will regret this purchase, and repeated viewings will likely ensure that you spot every single Easter Egg and callback in the sequel.


Marathon The DCEU Movies

Ask anyone what the best part of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is and they'll tell you it's Wonder Woman. Gadot made her super hero debut in the film and completely stole the show, making it perfect viewing for any Wonder Woman lover. Fans also have the choice to see Justice League, the most recent installment in the DCEU, which features plenty of Wonder Woman in action. Granted, the superhero depicted in these two films isn't exactly the feminist icon she is in Wonder Woman, but for fans dying to see a Wonder Woman sequel, it'll have to do.


Watch 'Justice League Unlimited'

The thee season follow up to the Justice League animated series, Justice League Unlimited, has plenty of Wonder Woman fun. The show features a ton of DC heroes, so Wonder Woman isn't the heart of every episode, but when she's there, you feel it.


Listen To The 'Wonder Woman' Soundtrack

Fans can listen to the official Wonder Woman soundtrack whenever they want to get in the Wonder Woman zone. Special tip: listen to "Wonder Woman's Wrath" when you're gearing up for a workout or sending in a job application for a truly epic effect.


Check Out 'Fast & Furious 6'

If it's more Gadot you crave, you can always take a walk down her on screen resumé. There's Keeping up With The Jonses, Criminal, and Tripple 9, but your best bet for some Wonder Woman fun is Fast & Furious 6, where Gadot plays the fierce outlaw, Gisele.


Read All The Comics

If you're a new Wonder Woman fan, chances are you're not familiar with the source material. What better way to pass the time between Wonder Woman movies than to read Wonder Woman comics?


Watch The Original 'Wonder Woman'

Lynda Carter, the first live action Wonder Woman, still wears the crown when it comes to on screen Wonder Woman thanks to her iconic take on the character in the 1975-1979 television show, Wonder Woman. Carter was a vocal supporter of the Wonder Woman movie, and fans are still hoping for a cameo appearance in coming films.


Follow Patty Jenkins On Twitter

Patty Jenkins loves the Wonder Woman fandom, and her Twitter feed is the proof. The director is constantly retweeting fans and sharing cute photos of girls dressed up as their new favorite hero. She calls out the patriarchy and frequently showers Gadot with love on the social networking site. You can find her @PattyJenks. Prepare to love Jenkins almost as much as you love the movie she created.


Check Out 'Saturday Night Live'

Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live to promote Justice League, and, though the episode wasn't all Wonder Woman all the time, she did appear in a sketch about Themyscira that fans of the Amazon warriors will appreciate.

If you're still craving a Wonder Woman fix after trying these nine things, then it might be time to start trying to take a break form all things Wonder Woman. Just kidding — it's time to start the cycle all over again and watch Wonder Woman as if it were the first time.