Urban Outfitters' Line Of 'Friends' Merchandise Is Peak '90s Chic

by Megan Grant
Urban Outfitters

Fans of the iconic '90s sitcom, rejoice! Urban Outfitters has Friends merchandise on its site, and wow, could it BE any cuter? These items are going to remind you so much of the good old days that you're going to want to take a couch up the stairs while obnoxiously yelling, "Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT!!!!!"

Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, and Chandler are a huge part of the '90s. They’ve defined a generation (and beyond), influenced our fashion choices and hairstyles, and inspired and crawled their way into the hearts of millions of people. Their experiences are relatable and their funny antics never get old, even long after the show saw its last episode. Friends’ magic hasn’t waned over the years, and this line is a most welcome surprise. I do believe I'm going to need one of everything. It will all pair so perfectly with the Pottery Barn Friends collection, which I bought in its entirety. Don't you judge me.

Now, with its 25th anniversary on the way, much merchandise is coming out to celebrate this TV series’ success. Urban Outfitters yet another store to jump on the bandwagon with Friends merch that we, diehard fans, simply can't ignore. Let’s go back in time and reminisce with these awesome purchases.


Central Perk Poster

Hanging this Friends Central Perk poster on your wall will transform your space into the iconic cafe we all wanted to frequent in the '90s. Invite your fellow Friends fans and relive the good times with a cuppa joe and maybe a muffin.


iPhone Case

Show people that you’re a real '90s kid with this Friends logo exclusive iPhone case. It’s sturdy, it’s pretty, it’s certified '90s. Take plenty of mirror selfies so that all of your friends will be jealous.


Pint Glass

Alright, fine, okay, the gang never met up at Central Perk for a brewski, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a cold one in a Friends-themed pint glass.

Now, you can re-watch the series with your favorite drink in hand while Phoebe sings "Smelly Cat" and Joey refuses to share his food. This is the way beer was meant to be enjoyed.


Skyline Poster

The Friends gang with the New York City skyline? Epic. This poster will look fantastic on any wall and is, without a doubt, a necessity for any true fan. Plus, it looks extra ~artistic~ because it's black and white.



Crispy fall weather is right around the corner, so there's no better time for a Friends hoodie sweater — and this one's perfect. It’s warm, soft, and ideal for chilly days. Designed with the iconic logo, this hoodie is definitely a must-have.


"Life According To Friends" Activity Book

This guide is another great find you can get at Urban Outfitters. It's got a ton of entertaining content, including fun quizzes, dating advice from Joey, witty comebacks courtesy of Chandler, recipes by Monica, character profiles, stickers, and so much more. It’s any Friends' fan's bible.


"Friends" Lessons Book

The Friends series has taught us a lot about life, and you’ll be able to find snippets of it, plus more, in this fantastic guide book. With memorable quotes and full-color photos, you’re sure to enjoy this nostalgic and helpful read.

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