"Valley Girls" Is Basically A YA Version Of "Wild" With A Rock-Climbing Girl Squad

Done Dirt Cheap author Sarah Nicole Lemon is back with another tale of girl power and resilience. Valley Girls is Wild for YA readers but with a rock-climbing girl squad, and I've got all the details, plus a sneak-peek at the cover, below.

Her older sister works as a park ranger at Yosemite, but 17-year-old Rilla isn't interested in taking in the splendors of untamed California when she comes to live there. She has barely even unpacked before she gets caught partying.

Determined to make the best of a bad situation, Rilla joins up with a bonded group of rock climbers, who make Yosemite their own personal playground. The newest climber quickly makes scaling El Capitan's sheer, 3,000-foot granite face her goal.

El Capitan is not for the inexperienced, but Rilla has an excellent team of friends behind her. That's not to say her adventures will be easy. In fact, following the path her new climbing hobby has led her to may put her relationship with her sister on the line.

In Valley Girls, readers follow Rilla as she makes her first climb, has a fall from 2,000 feet in the air, and takes a chance on her first real love interest. Check out the gorgeous cover below, and find out when you can get your hands on a copy, after the jump.

Valley Girls by Sarah Nicole Lemon, $18.99, Amazon

Grab your copy of Sarah Nicole Lemon's Valley Girls when it arrives at a store near you in May 2018.