A $1,000 T Shirt Dress Exists & The Internet Knows Just Where To Wear It

by Kali Borovic

This year has brought plenty of unconventional trends. There was clear "jeans," Kendall's Jenner's ankles strap denim shorts, and even a $3,000 dress made completely out of straw hats. Just because the year is ending doesn't mean that the bizarre trends will though. As Teen Vogue found, Vetements is selling a floor-length T-shirt dress for $1,000. Naturally, the internet is going wild, but the real star of the show isn't the outfit — it's the reviews.

In case you're not familiar, Vetements is known for taking trends to a whole new level. They're the masterminds behind taking common objects and making them... quirky. Take, for example, their oversized sleeve (and priced) Titanic sweatshirt or the infamous butt zipper jeans. Now they're at it again with a floor-length T-shirt dress with a giant slit up the back.

The 100 percent cotton item is, well, just a really long white shirt. There are no prints or brand names on it, but it's was being sold on the Nordstrom website for $1,000. Oddly enough, this item is sold out on the brand's website. Don't worry though, there are a few other places to shop the bizarre trend.

You can scoop a similar style up from Net-A-Porter for a cool $580 or go big and buy it in black from Lyst for $1,015.

Vetements T-Shirt Dress, SOLD OUT, Nordstrom

People have seemed to grow accustomed to bizarre fashion trends by now. Instead of just gawking over the weird sartorial statement that this dress is, they're coming up with ideas on how to wear them. Let's just say that they do not disappoint.

Although it appears Nordstom has deleted the comments that original had the internet cracking up, there's still some evidence of them. According to Teen Vogue, one of the comments read, "PERFECT! I have been looking for the perfect dress that screams to the world that I am both fabulously wealthy and in a cult! However, elbows are a big no-no with the benevolent one, so I guess I’ll have to wear a jacket."

Another comment read, "This is the perfect gown for our Heavens Gate New Years Party! So perfect I bought one for all of our guests. I do wish it came in black because kool aid stains and it is a little spendy, although none of that will matter on January 1st! Thanks Vetements!"

The fashion trends of 2017 might be absolutely horrifying, but at least people haven't lost their sense of humor. Here's how Twitter is reacting to this insanely over-priced find.

Brands will go to the end of the world to make an old trend new again. This does not disappoint.

Five-stars not to the outfit, but to this review. Who knew there were so many perks to wearing this high-slitted shirt.

Hurry up, folks! There's still time to buy one for you and all of your friends to ring in the end of the world, err, I mean New Years.

It's almost TOO versatile, if you ask me.

Okay, so maybe it's not the most perfect dress, but it's close.

Nordstrom defended the dress when people were confused as to how to wear it. So I'll just set this right here.

On top of all that, it also doubles as a wedding dress. You're welcome.

Ridiculous to some. Genius to others.

Whether you're looking to be incredibly fashion forward or just get a good laugh, you can always count on Vetements to cheer us all up.