Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls Reunion Tour Comments Will Keep Fans On Their Toes

Do you still remember how it used to be? Reading Spice Girls rumors together, believe in whatever, the grapevine has said to us. Alas, Victoria Beckham shut down the Spice Girls tour rumors yet again in another interview with British Vogue. Now, while there may be something in the works, the pop music icon-turned-fashion designer has repeatedly insisted that, contrary to reports, a concert spectacular isn't happening. Before she showed her collection at London Fashion Week, Beckham told Vogue,

Nothing tangible? And it's not about touring? Huh. Well, it sure sounds like Posh Spice really, really, really wants fans to let go of the tour dream.

On Feb. 2, the Spice World was flipped upside-down when Beckham, Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, and Geri Horner got together for the first time since the 2012 Summer Games. The group addressed the meeting in the following statement to Entertainment Tonight:

As the whispers surrounding a future Spice Girls reunion event grew louder and louder, some of the Spices offered up cryptic explanations for the meeting. According to the BBC, Mel C told BBC Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary,

And according to The Sun, when the reunion story came up on Bunton’s Heart Breakfast radio show on Feb. 5, Baby Spice said,

And then, five days after the Spice Force Five shared those iconic photos, TMZ dropped a most exhilarating report: The Spice Girls apparently talked about reunion plans when they hung out at Geri Horner's home. According to TMZ’s insiders, the five Spices reportedly met up with former manager Simon Fuller to discuss a world tour, as well as get into possible “merchandising opportunities.” The site's sources also claimed that all five members of the group were “fully on board.” Given everything that Beckham and Mel C have said over the last few years about not wanting to reunite, this particular development seemed almost too good to be true.

And maybe it was. When British Vogue spoke with Beckham about the reunion talk at the preview of her autumn/winter 2018 show just a few days after TMZ released this report, Posh Spice was quick to bring down the stiletto-shaped hammer. “I’m not going on tour,” Beckham told the magazine. “The girls aren’t going on tour.” Well, that settles it, no?

Again, it appears as though some sort of reunion situation is underway, but it may not involve a concert series. On Feb. 15, Variety reported that while the group did meet up to “explore some incredible new opportunities,” the site’s insider claimed the tour chatter was “premature.” Remember, fellow Spice fans: Do not let the dream of a Spice Girls reunion tour set up shop in your heart until all five members officially say it's happening. When they say "go," we go.