Victoria P.'s Instagram From 'The Bachelor' Shows So Much Love For Her Sister

Victoria P. and Peter Weber on The Bachelor
John Fleenor/ABC

After puking on the first group date because of her motion sickness, Victoria P. is getting another chance to hang with Peter on a one-on-one date during Week 3 of The Bachelor. While her childhood story of getting sick on a teacup ride was rather silly, Victoria P.'s Instagram from The Bachelor is a reminder that she's faced some real hardships in her life. While she's sure to share more about her past with Peter during their alone time, Victoria P. has had a difficult family life. She lost her father when she was a child and her mother and sister have both struggled with drug addiction. Yet, her Instagram shows just how proud she is of her little sister today.

In Victoria's Bachelor profile, she wrote how both her sister and mom have been sober for three years and "have a stronger family bond than ever before." That's clear from the posts that she shares of her younger sister. While there's a fair amount on her Instagram about her pageant days since she was Miss Louisiana USA 2019 after being crowned in October 2018, some of her most meaningful posts come in the form of the ones about her sister Lauren.

After filming for The Bachelor was finished in November 2019, Victoria wrote about her sister, "I taught you how to tie your shoes but you've taught me how to selflessly love without limits." She shared another post embracing her sister on Jan. 11 where she wrote, "Though we can not change history, where we come from, or the cards we are dealt, we do have the power to choose triumph over tragedy, rising from the darkness and letting our light shine."

These supportive and loving posts existed on her Instagram before Victoria joined the reality TV franchise. In October 2017, Victoria posted a tribute to her sister for giving her "a reason to fight and to live when I felt all Hope was lost." Then, in April 2019 while serving as Miss Louisiana USA, she shared some adorable throwbacks of the sisters when they were younger and a video of them performing a magic trick. "We didn't just believe in magic, we created it," Victoria wrote. "Thank you for always believing in me and for allowing me to share our story with the world."

It's good to know that Victoria has her sister's blessing when it comes to sharing their personal history — especially since Bachelor one-on-one dates particularly demand that the contestants share their toughest life experiences with all of America. But more importantly, it's good to see that the bond between these sisters is so strong after all they've been through together.