Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Celebrated Luna's 2nd Birthday & The Videos Are VERY Adorable

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are preparing for the arrival of their second child together, but that hasn't stopped them from making time for daughter Luna Simone. In fact, the videos of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend celebrating Luna's birthday prove that they're celebrating her more than ever for her second trip around the sun, as some would say.

Teigen and Legend welcomed Luna on April 14, 2016, which means the toddler is now 2 years old — and an Aries, if you're into that kind of thing. On April 14, 2018, Teigen posted on social media about spending her morning preparing and sharing incredible birthday goodies for her daughter. Teigen shared photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter that showed off what seemed to be an incredibly fun day the family was having for Luna's big day.

Legend, Teigen, Luna, and others ate a cake so large it defies science, and they visited Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters. Honestly, though, it seems like Teigen is more psyched about it than her daughter. In one video on her Instagram story, Teigen cheered on Luna to react to the giant, colorful cake she made by hand. Sleepy Luna, sitting on Legend's shoulders, is quietly taking it all in.

In some of Teigen's Instagram Stories, Luna even tries to help make the cake's yellow "feathers," but she was not quite sure how, even with Mom Teigen's assistance. Either way, Luna seemed to be all smiles as she turned the big 2 and looked like she enjoyed the day with her parents.

Not to worry, though. The birthday princess also received an adorable two-piece balloon-print outfit, a potential ball pit to play in, and lots of cake. Check out the adorable photos from Teigen's IG Story photos of Teigen and Legend celebrating Luna turning 2.

The three-tiered cake that Teigen made for Luna is truly epic. And in an age where "epic" is used to describe pretty much everything, trust that this is the correct time to use it. The cake tiers seem to match the colors of the famous Sesame Street characters present for Luna's birthday and the yellow tiers have feathers (Yellow for Big Bird, blue for Cookie Monster, and red for Elmo). Could this cake have been a super creative interpretation of the Sesame Street characters in cake form? Only Teigen and Luna know for sure.

Teigen seemed to have cake on the mind a lot this week. Earlier in the week, she posted a photo of her wedding cake to Instagram. In the caption, Teigen wrote:

Someone tagged me in a photo of my wedding cake and [I want] cake so bad now so here is a pic of my wedding cake. It was carrot with cream cheese frosting and it was awesome. I miss you, giant cake

It's totally possible that Luna's birthday cake was made for Teigen as much as it was the girl of honor. No judgments here, though; it does look amazing. After all, it's always a good time for cake.

It's been a busy time in the Teigen-Legend household. In addition to expecting baby number two into the family, Legend recently starred in NBC's live concert performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. When Legend recently performed on The Ellen Show, he posted a video of Luna watching — and she couldn't help but clap along. Too cute.

Overall, it looked like a super fun and adorable birthday for the soon-to-be big sister. Luna is always adorable, but the birthday smiles really send things over the top. One can only imagine how darling she'll look doing sweet, sisterly things when her baby brother arrives — and she becomes a big sister.