This Video Of Jon Snow Pretending To Be A Dragon On The 'GoT' Set Is Everything

HBO/Helen Sloan

The weeks between Game of Thrones episodes can feel long, so this Instagram video of Kit Harrington pretending to be a dragon on the Game of Thrones set should be enough to make you sit up and pay attention. The behind-the-scenes clip was posted by Harrington's co-star Emilia Clarke, most likely taken during the filming of the scene when Jon Snow meet Daenerys Targaryen's favorite dragon. Now, that already had loads of people talking when it happened on the show, because of the way the King in the North was able to just reach out and touch the fiery beast's snout. But maybe we should be talking about this video, too.

Many believed Jon touching the dragons was just another indication of his parentage — that the supposed bastard is indeed a Targaryen, and that Drogon could sense it. As if that wasn't enough to get the last holdouts on board with this theory, the video posted by Clarke leaves very little doubt. Sure, normally it might not be the smartest move to read into a social media post by one of the GoT actors, but time is really ticking away this season. You can make an exception.

After all, clues can come from the most surprising places, and sometimes they fall right into your lap. Feast your eyes on this video of the 30-year-old actor flapping his cape around in a particularly dragon-y way, and just try to deny that it means anything.

Clarke also left an incriminating caption on the post. Right there under the photo, she jokes that Kit Harrington touched a dragon one time and all of a sudden he thinks he's one of them. I've got to be be honest: this late in the game, we kind of all think he's one of them.

There are fan theories going back years suggesting that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, back when it was still such a niche theory that we had to call it R + L = J. And now it's so widely accepted that we're seeing evidence of it everywhere, from the forums to the title of the series itself to subtle hints that Jon's parents actually were married after all.

With all that, is it really so unbelievable that the clues would've moved to social media as well? You can't ignore even a single hint about this series, so take this footage of Jon Snow flapping his cape around on a gusty clifftop and add it to the already-bulging evidence file.