The One Movie To Watch Before It Leaves Netflix In Sept. Couldn't Be More Timely

Buena Vista Pictures

Another month, another Netflix purge. With September just around the corner, everyone's favorite streaming site Netflix is gearing up for a change in content, but before you start scrambling to watch all the movies and TV shows leaving next month, know there's really only one movie to watch before it leaves Netflix in September 2017, and that's Lilo & Stitch. Yes, the Disney animated classic is, sadly, leaving the site, which means you'll have to turn elsewhere for your Elvis-loving-alien needs.

In case you've forgotten (adult life can do that to you), Lilo & Stitch is about a girl, Lilo, living in Hawaii with her big sister, who finds a new friend when Stitch, an alien, is banished from space. Though the two share a sweet bond, Stitch is a huge troublemaker who accidentally threatens Lilo's relationship with her older sister, Nani, as Children's Services threatens to take Lilo away. Oh, and there are alien bounty hunters chasing Stitch around the island. Sounds like a strange science-fiction, but in reality, Lilo & Stitch is less about an alien and more about the bonds of family. As any fan of the movie can tell you, it's about finding your "ohana," and "ohana means nobody gets left behind." (Excuse me while I tear up a little.)

Lilo & Stitch could not be leaving Netflix at a worse time. White supremacists are walking in the streets with tiki torches and the distance between cultures can feel overwhelming. It's the perfect time to cuddle up with a movie that not only encourages relationships across species, but also stands for embracing the "other." Furthermore, with the current changes to immigration policy and increased ICE activity that has communities living in fear of being arrested and deported, it's nice to see a movie that's about families coming together despite the government threatening to tear them apart. The idea of protecting an illegal alien — literally — also holds some pretty significant weight right now.

It's unclear whether fans will ever get to see Lilo & Stitch on Netflix again. In light of Disney's recent announcement that they would be launching their own streaming service, it seems unlikely. So, if you want to watch a good animated movie that will give you hope about our current state of a affairs, you're going to want to press play on Lilo & Stitch before it disappears from Netflix on Sept. 5.