This 'Bachelor' Contestant Is A World Traveler

by Hannah Shapiro

It's the best time of the year, ladies and gentlemen. A time for winter cheer, family thanks and most importantly, Bachelor watching. In less then a week, Nick Viall embarks on his journey to find love, and, frankly, nothing can compete with this rose-filled season. 30 women will try to win Nick's heart, and one of those lovely ladies is Jasmine Brown. But because there is another Jasmine on the season, she shall go by Jasmine B. She's a flight attendant from Tacoma, Washington, but it's unknown what airline The Bachelor's Jasmine B. works for.

While the specific airline is unclear, she does travel a lot internationally. According to Jasmine's Instagram, she has been around the world. She posts videos from various countries and can easily check off "well traveled'"as one of her traits. If The Bachelor travels a lot this year, she could probably show everyone around whatever country they land in.

It would appear by this Instagram video that Jasmine might work for Omni Air International. Regardless of if this is the specific airline she works for, though, it's clear that she gets to travel to cool destinations like Japan. According to pre-show interviews, Nick is looking for a strong, independent lady, and nothing screams those traits like someone who's made a career out of seeing the world. Perhaps Jasmine will win Nick's heart and the two of them will take many trips together. If not, I'm sure Jasmine will continue to have adventures on her own. It's really a win-win.

Just take Jasmine's many adventures in Japan, where she strutted down the street and checked out a Pokemon shop. She has also posted about being in Kuwait and Germany, and seriously, if she enjoys being on The Bachelor, she should also consider starting her own travel show. She definitely has the experience and video taking under her belt. Whether goofing off or taking in the culture, Jasmine has had a variety of experiences and could potentially bring many interesting stories to The Bachelor.

I hope that Jasmine B. has a good long run on The Bachelor and maybe even ends up with that final rose. Will she lead with her travel experience, or perhaps a fun pun about flying, like that she hopes that she and Nick's love takes flight? I mean, that's what I would say if I were a Bachelor contestant and a flight attendant. But alas, I am neither of those things, so I'll just have to watch from home and see what Jasmine B. chooses to do with her time on the show.