Snapchat World Lenses Are A Total Game-Changer


In the never-ending contest for who's going to be the most-loved social media app, Snapchat has added yet another sweet feature to its catalog: World Lenses. What are Snapchat World Lenses and how are they different from the regular Lenses introduced back in 2015?

The Lenses we've all come to know and love are the reason we can look like puppies, barf rainbows, and switch faces with our friends. Now, Snapchat has taken things one step further with Lenses for the world around you, creating a sort of augmented reality that lets you add a Lens to your surroundings. Think of it this way: What the old Lenses do for your face, the new Lenses do for the world.

If you're Snapchatting with the rear-facing camera, all you have to do is tap the camera screen, and you'll find the new Lenses feature, which allows you to add a whole new dimension to the space around you. Easily decorate your message with clouds, rainbows, flowers, hearts, text, and more.

Admittedly, I'm not the most avid Snapchatter, but this looks like fun even to me.

Snapchat has quickly gone from an app we use to play around with our friends, to a form of creative expression. And considering the competitive nature between Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook (which recently launched its own version of Stories), the new World Lenses give Snapchat yet another leg-up.

People love being able to decorate the videos and images they send their followers. It's the reason we're so obsessed with the all of the Snapchat filters, old and new, like the crying eyes, the horror film face, and the Lens that put us on magazine covers. (On a similar note, Snapchat has very effectively raised the bar on selfies.) With the World Lenses, you can flip the camera around and get just as creative with the people and things around you.

If you haven't already, confirm if you have the most current version of Snapchat by heading to your app store and checking for updates. Then, Snap away!