13 Times In Your Life When It's Good To Be Single


Being single is woefully underrated. There are so many benefits to being single, and there are so many ways that it improves your life. And it's silly to think that being in a relationship is, by default, better than being on your own. "I'd rather be single, in a comfortable relationship with myself, than trapped in a dysfunctional, toxic relationship with someone else," certified relationship coach Rosalind Sedacca tells Bustle. "Being single gives me freedom so I don't waste time or energy on a relationship partner who doesn't value me and my attributes. I've given up drama and appreciate my life as it is now."

Not only does being single do you a world of good generally, there are also certain times in your life when being single is just a better option. Sure, somethings are tougher on your own — and it's nice to have a partner to bring you soup or deal with the snotty tissues when you're not feeling well. But sometimes having the freedom to go for what you want and get sh*t done, without feeling any responsibility to anybody else, is just what you need. So before you assume that coupling up is the way forward, look at these times in your life when it's so good to be single.


After A Break Up

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

I mean, it's not just a time when it's good to be single — it's a time when you really should stay single for a bit. Enjoy sowing your wild oats or just be single without dating or having sex at all. If you just jump from relationship to relationship, you won't get to enjoy your own damn self.


In College


That relationship from high school that you're doing long-distance probably will not last — I should know, I did it myself my Freshman year. Instead, it's a great time to try whatever the hell you feel like trying.


When You're Establishing Yourself In A Career


Or following your passions. When you want to really commit yourself to something, it's so much easier flying solo.


During Wedding Season


Sure, the singles tables may be awkward. But you don't have to go to all the weddings with people you barely know, you can leave when you want to, and wedding hookups galore.


... And Bachelorette Season


I mean, watching a guy in a thong is always going to be less awkward when you're single. Science fact.


When You Have An Immediate Attraction To Someone

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Single or not, you're probably going to feel attracted to people. And when you're single, you can just go for it.


When You're Choosing Takeout

"What do you want for dinner?"

"I don't care, what do you want?"

"I don't care, what do you want?"

This. Is. The. Worst. When you're single, you can order pad thai for the 15th night in a row without any shame or compromise.


When You're Making Plans For An Adventure


Traveling solo is freeing and empowering — and you can actually go wherever you feel like.


During A Gossip Session


You have all of the good gossip, from first date horror stories to juicy hookup stories, and everyone else is just talking about their thread counts.


When You Need A Proper Night Sleep

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AND THE WHOLE DAMN BED IS YOURS. Don't get me wrong, having a spooning partner is great. But if you really need to conk out for the night, having the bed to yourself is a godsend.


When You're Choosing What To Watch On Netflix


No debating, just whatever you want.


When Organizing Your Closet


Or your kitchen. Or your anything. When all the space is yours and you don't have to get angry about that random collection of 30 shirts they never wear, getting your sh*t together is way easier.


When You're Spending Your Money


And you can totally treat your self. Treat. Yo. Self.

It's not that there aren't benefits to being in a relationship — there definitely are. But there are so many times when it's great to be single and we don't pay enough attention to that. So when you want to do, see, eat, and be how you want without compromise, remember that it's a lot easier when you're living the single life.