Fenty Beauty's New Lipsticks Come With The Sassiest Names Ever & They're All Bad Gal Approved

When the beloved Fenty Beauty first hit the market, queen RiRi gave beauty lovers just one, rosy-nude gloss to work with. Now, the all-inclusive brand is answering prayers for more lippies. Rihanna is launching 14 new matte lipsticks on Dec. 26 for all your pout needs.

Giving confirmation that the Mattemoiselle collection will be a winner, Rihanna has been teasing new lipstick shades for weeks. Whether it was the sultry blue-black or the oh-so-popping periwinkle, every color the popstar sported was proof that the lipsticks were going to be beautifully badass. With each Fenty Beauty Instagram post showing the nudes, reds, and rainbow hues in action, the collection is already making BadGalRiRi fans drool.

Hand-picked by Rihanna with shade names that embody the personality of each color, the Mattemoiselle collection is meant to give lipstick lovers a pigment for every mood. Whether your'e feeling flirty, daring, or chic, there's truly something for everyone.

“Lipstick is all about having fun and expressing your mood at any given moment” said Rihanna via a Fenty Beauty press release. “This collection makes it easier than ever because there’s a color for everyone.”

With such bold, universal hues and the empowering shade names to match, RiRi is doing just that. Here's a peek at all 14 Mattemoiselle lippies you can snag to breathe new life into your makeup looks.

1. Ya Dig?!

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The periwinkle hue Rihanna teased while rocking a matching fur of the same shade, Ya Dig?! is a standout pigment within the collection. The hue is aptly named as if to say "Yes, I can rock a boss ass color like this and look damn good while doing it".

2. Candy Venom

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

An electric pink, this Barbie hue is about as sweet as they come.

3. Clapback

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Everything about this true navy lippie is fierce AF. From it's daring color to it's sassy name, this Mattemoiselle lipstick is so on point.

4. Freckle Fiesta

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

When you need a nude with a little edge, look to this spiced terracotta to do your pout a favor.

5. Griselda

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The sultry hue within the collection, Griselda is a deep burgundy that can add sex appeal to any look.

6. Ma'Damn

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Every good lipstick collection needs a statement red. Enter Ma'Damn, a royal red that could compliment any lipstick lover.

7. Saw-C

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

This shade is not for the faint of heart. Described as an exotic tangerine, Saw-C is definitely one of the spiciest lippies in the collection, hence its saucy shade name.

8. Shawty

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Now introducing one of the most scrumptious looking chestnut shades. "Shawty" will surely be a staple in the collections of many lipstick junkies.

9. Spanked

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The dusty rose that every lip line needs, "Spanked" is sure to be a go-to for many Fenty Beauty hoarders.

10. Up 2 No Good

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Yet another nude, but this time with a peachy twist, this matte keeps things subtly beautiful.

11. Midnight Wasabi

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

You'll have to put your big girl panties on to rock "Midnight Wasasbi", described as a wicked green. It takes a bold soul to sport such an offbeat hue with confidence.

12. One Of The Boyz

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

This bright lilac is yet another standout shade, perfect for pastel and rainbow lipstick lovers.

13. PMS

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

When you're just not feeling it, the moody brown "PMS" might be your best friend. No matter your mood, a reddish-chocolate hue always slays.

14. S1NGLE

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Look to the blushing nude "S1NGLE" to coat your pout when you're feeling flirty. There's just no going wrong with a pinky-nude, never ever.

Get ready to kiss your hard earned coins goodbye. Rihanna has truly outdone herself with a stunning lipstick range — and you're going to want every single tube.