Kylie Cosmetics Teases Surprises, Fans Go Nuts

There's two key pieces of intel about that Kylie Cosmetics you need to know. First, the Royal Peach Kyshadow Palette sold out again during its first restock on Thursday, Jan. 19. The brand revealed via an Instagram caption and a tweet that Royal Peach is its best-selling palette; there have been four Kyshadow Palettes so far, including the debut Bronze, the follow up Burgundy, and the limited edition Winter palette, for those keeping score at home. Since the RP palette is proving to be such a hot commodity, be sure and follow these shopping tips in order to successfully grab the Royal Peach Kyshadow palette during the next restock. Now, for that second piece of information. Kylie Cosmetics has more surprises in store for fans... but when?

Well, the next big holiday is Valentine's Day and the brand shared that it has V Day surprises planned. Woo hoo! Of course fans have theories... lots of theories.

So many of us take care to accentuate our lips around this holiday, since it's for lovers and can involve a lot of smooching. It would make sense for Kylie Cosmetics to introduce more long-wearing, kiss-proof Lip Kit shades. But that would be too obvious.

Maybe we'll get those Kylighters that Jenner has prevously hinted about?

There's Royal Peach in all of its glory. It differs from previous Kyshadow palettes because it has a brush, a mirror, and three additional shades.

‌This caption accompanied the Insta post, noting that Royal Peach has earned "best-seller" status and that there are Val Day surprises on the way. Since the brand went all out with its blockbuster limited edition 2016 Holiday Collection, they could have an extensive assortment of beauty treats coming our way. Or they may simply do a Val Day trio of matte liquid lippies, keeping it tight and focused.

Yes, there are lots of KLK shades in the current lineup but we can always use more. "I have too many matte liquid lipstick shades," said no one ever... especially not a lipstick obsessive.

Kylie-philes are already offering their theories and desires for the next surprises. I mean, a highlighter can mimic a candlelight glow. One fan pointed to the custom makeup that Jenner created for her nieces North and Penelope, and likely their mothers!

Here's another look at the Royal Peach Palette.

Yep, Kylie, you nailed it with this one!

The pink products were created for Penelope, the daughter of her eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian. Could these be put into production for V Day?

The purple products were for Kim Kardashian's daughter North. Could regular kustomers get access to this for one holiday? I'm hoping!

What about some new gloss shades? Possibilities = endless. These are just some hopes and dreams... but we'll find out the deal soon and straight from the brand itself.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (8)