Chase Rice Is *Not* Holding Back About What He Thinks Of His 'Bachelor' Experience

Terry Wyatt/FilmMagic/Getty Images

What should have been a routine performance ended up being quite awkward for Chase Rice when he showed up to film his Bachelor episode. As teased in previews for the show, Rice wound up singing on Peter's one-on-one with Victoria F. — with whom the country artist just so happens to have a history. It may be Victoria who ends up crying on the date, but Rice has made clear he wasn't happy with the situation, either.

"I wanted to go on there and promote my music, and [The Bachelor producers] brought a little extracurricular activity into that," he told The Morning Toast at the 2019 Country Music Awards in November.

Rice added that while he wishes Victoria and Peter the best, he felt misled by the show's producers. "They set everybody up. I didn't sign up for that. That's my problem with it. At the end of the day, they have a job to do. I don't have to be a part of that." (Bustle reached out to ABC for comment, but did not receive a response by the time of publication. Rice also did not return a request for comment regarding his relationship with Victoria F.)

Though it's not entirely clear when Rice and Victoria dated, it sounds like their relationship was relatively brief. Rice explained in an interview on 98.9's Fitz in the Morning that they'd spent a night together in Charlotte, North Carolina. "Cool chick, from what I know of her," he said. "I got no problem with her. I got no problem with [Peter]."

Still, he reiterated that he did have a problem with the circumstances he found himself in. He said he'd known Victoria was going on the show, but that he was surprised he was the one performing on her date. "I was pissed. I was really pissed off to be honest," Rice said. "The fact that they did that to me? It's over the top, it's unnecessary. I didn't expect it, but at the end of the day it happened. I don't know if it’s the producers, or if they just got lucky as hell. I know what I think, but I'll let everybody figure out what they think."

At least he's still getting some music promo out of the whole ordeal.