This Month’s Full Moon Will Encourage Us All To Focus On Relationships With Others

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you've been waiting for a spectacular lunar event to propel you into a brighter mindset, you're in luck. On Mar. 20, a super full moon will rise in Libra, just in time for the spring equinox. The combination of alignments will ensure that we have a deeply inspiring and profound night, to say the least. The March 20 full moon in Libra will bring forth not only a desire for balance, but a balancing solution. Most notably, our alignment with Libra will inspire us all to put more effort into our personal relationships, which might be out-of-whack.

Once we spend some time breathing attention and care into the people who surround us, we'll all be able to focus on ourselves more freely. Though one might argue that all full moons hold powerful possibilities, March's full moon is a bit ~extra~. The combined attributes of the full moon being a super moon and rising just in time for the Spring Equinox to begin, all so shortly after the turn of daylight savings, means that it will be one of the brightest, most illuminating moons of the year — literally. Bustle talked to astrologer Lisa Stardust about what the moon's position in Libra will bring into focus for us all, and how we can best greet it to ensure we have the most productive and progressive full moon experience possible.

According to Stardust, the full moon in Libra will pull our focus from "me" to “we.” As Stardust shares, "we will all be focusing on how we relate to the outside world within relationships and partnerships — and how others make us feel." With that focus, Stardust says that we're meant to make it our objective to implement growth and change structures within these partnerships. For a topic, Stardust suggests, "who helps us achieve our highest being vs who doesn’t." Aka, we need to really sit down and think about whether or not we're keeping people close that are keeping us far from being our best selves. If we can identify people who are doing more harm than good in our lives, Stardust suggests we "cut the cord on the past and blossom new beginnings."

That said, if you're not ready to cut people out of your life, you should be willing to at least take the time to talk to these people and explain the ways in which your relationships affects your life. Perhaps there's something to be done about the relationship. Perhaps all the relationship needs is some improved communication and honesty. Simply making the effort to reach out to someone and address the state of your relationship in a calm, kind, and progressive manor can help push things into a healthier place. Alternatively, if you've already identified a toxic relationship and have been trying to put off cutting the cord, you can expect the Libra full moon to give you the encouragement you need to finally let go.

Once you get your personal relationships in order, you'll be able to pull your focus inward. After a long winter of avoiding conflict and just trucking along with your head down, it will finally be time to face your life and your relationships head on and take care of whatever business and imbalances are currently tipping the scale out of your favor.