Kesha's Finger Tattoo Delivers Quite A Powerful Message

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been a tough few years for Kesha. The singer has publicly battled her producer Dr. Luke, seeking to free herself from the professional ties that bound her to a man she alleges raped her. She also dealt with an eating disorder. Well, Kesha just got a new tattoo on her fingers and it spills across both of her hands. It's a true symbol of her survival. The ink delivers a powerful and personal message about overcoming the struggles she has faced.

The new tattoo also caps off the past few months of positive activity in which Kesha returned with a brilliant new album and a much-talked-about dress at the 2017 VMAs.

Kesha's new tattoo reads "Live Free" in a black, Old English font across her four fingers. It lives under her knuckles on each hand. Her hands are busy real estate for her tattoos, since Kesha has several tattoos in the region, including an eye and a planet on her palms, a dollar sign and an intricate tiger on the back of her hand, and a smiley face and a moon at the top of her middle fingers.

The "Live Free" tattoo certainly appears to symbolize the singer's hard-fought effort to win back control of her career and to be able to live and work without constraints, ultimately following her creative heart.

It's only eight letters but the sentiment packs a punch. I also love the contrast of Kesha's multi-colored nail art and her edgy ink. She also tagged the tattoo artist in this caption, making me think the tattoo is 100 percent real. The hands are always a bold location for tattoos, since they are super visible and difficult to hide. But this is one message that Kesha likely does not want to conceal, given all she has endured. She is proud of how far she has come and chose a permanent way to commemorate it.

Here is the post in which Kesha provides a little more insight into her finger tattoos. Fans were expressing their love for her newest body art. They were also loving her marble-like manicure in this Insta pic.