Taylor Swift's Necklace In The 'Delicate' Video Has Massive Meaning & Fans Are Swooning

The original version of Taylor Swift's "Delicate" video caused a bit of a fashion frenzy. In the clip, Swift danced in a blue dress with tassels. She frolicked in the rain, referencing her own lyrics from her classic hit "Fearless." Fans were thrilled about so many aspects of the vid — from the clothes to the makeup to the gyrations.

The singer released a new, one-take video for "Delicate." Only's she not dancing like no one is watching while wearing a custom Naeem Khan flapper dress. It's just Swift singing the sweet lyrics to the camera while wearing a black tee, a coat with a shearling collar, and that simple, silver necklace with the initial "J" on it.

In the video, Swift points to the elegantly understated yet statement-making necklace, which she has been wearing around her neck for a while. It's a quiet but impactful gesture. Of course her fans noticed that move. It was an accessories shout out to her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, which she has kept extraordinarily private since it began.

The necklace is circular, with a script letter "J" stamped on the front. Glamour previously reported that Swift's "J" necklace could be a Tiffany design.

A Tiffany version of Swift's disc-shaped charm won't break you budget, actually. Plus, it's an investment piece you'll own forever.

If the song is indeed about Alwyn —and many speculate that it is— it would make sense for Swift to pay further homage to him with the necklace in the second video.

Swift wore one of her own Reputation tees when announcing "Delicate 2" and while rehearsing for her upcoming tour. How meta! She may have been wearing the silver necklace in this clip, as you can see the chain peeking out from the collar of her black top.

Swift is getting so much mileage out of this necklace. She wore it when she announced the world premiere of the original "Delicate" video. It's truly a connective tissue between her life, her love, her work, and her art.

A similar Tiffany charm is available for under $100. It's small and can be added to any other necklaces you may already own. Or you can purchase a an accompanying, sterling silver chain via Tiffany to go with it.

The charm and the chain will set you back by less than $140. It's a classic look that will never go out of style since it's so timeless and trend-free. You can select whatever initial you wish — your beloved, your BFF, your dog, your favorite Twilight character, your own. And if the person or thing whose initial you choose happens to fall out of your favor, well, you can just adjust the meaning of your selected letter as you go!

So there's an affordable choice if you want to copy T. Swift's outward declaration of love for Joe Alwyn.

Swifties were utterly enchanted by her act of pointing to the necklace. It truly was a swoon-worthy deed.

A similar version is not too hard to find. A quality and chic version is within reach.

Fans were even referencing the necklace in the hashtag reactions to the video. Clearly, Swift's "J" necklace is taking on a life of its own and is becoming an important part of Swift lore. It's fully emblematic of the Reputation-era T. Swift. Perhaps J. Alwyn will start rocking a "T" necklace. If Tom Hiddleston can rock an "I Heart T. S." top, anything is possible.