This One Line In The 'Euphoria' Finale May Be A Major Clue About Rue's Fate

Eddy Chen/HBO

The ending of the first season of Euphoria left quite a bit up to interpretation, with Rue (played by Zendaya) seemingly relapsing and, subsequently, engaging in a musical montage. But, one specific phrase said in the finale could very well shed some light on Rue's slightly unclear fate. So, what does "'til then" mean in the Euphoria finale? It could be a good sign for the complicated protagonist's Season 2 journey.

In case you missed the finale, Rue's Season 1 story wrapped up in a somewhat confusing way. After Jules (Hunter Schafer) left town alone (she and Rue originally planned to leave together), Rue was left heartbroken and, unfortunately, relapsed after a difficult battle with her addiction issues. The final scene of the Aug. 4 episode contained the character experiencing some sort of vision in which she is singing along with a choir to a rendition of "All of Us." At one point, she climbs atop the choir group and fell as she finished the song, disappearing from view.

As she falls away, she can be heard singing the ominous lyrics, "When it all comes down to it, I hope one of you come back to remind me of who I was / When I go disappear into that good night, good night, good night, good night, good night." A voice, that sounds a lot like Fezco (Angus Cloud), can then be heard saying, "'til then" after the song ends. What exactly does that mean for Rue's fate? Well, based on that phrase, it seems as though there will be a next time for Rue, a time when someone, like Fez, can remind her of who she was. In other words, the season actually might have ended on a hopeful note, with Fez saying that it is inevitable that viewers will see Rue again.

This hopeful note is a far cry from what fans originally believed about Rue's fate in the show. Some have suggested that this musical sequence came as a result of Rue relapsing, and, subsequently, possibly overdosing. Many theories posited that this scene might have meant that Rue had passed away and that she was narrating the series from beyond the grave. As user pixiespice explained on Reddit, "and that’s why she’s narrating in past tense and knows everything and then the story follows everyone’s lives after." But, given the last line of the season, there's a pretty good chance that fans will be able to catch up with Rue once Season 2 rolls around.

Of course, Rue wasn't the only one who's fate was left up-in-the-air at the end of Season 1. Fez was left in a stand-off situation with Mouse at in the finale after he previously robbed the doctor who supplied Mouse with drugs. So, it's possible that his very own "'til then" may also be a signal that fans will get to see him back in action come Season 2, as well.

Eddy Chen/HBO

While this "'til then" does sound promising for the likes of Rue and Fez, you'll have to wait until Season 2 premieres to find out exactly what's in store for your favorite characters.