Vanessa Is Supporting Nick On 'DWTS'

Randy Holmes/ABC

When I first heard that the Bachelor, Nick Viall, would be on Dancing with the Stars, I was concerned for his love life. Turns out though, Nick and Vanessa are engaged despite him signing on to do another reality show. Yet, it has to be adding some stress to the couple, so what does Vanessa think of Nick's Dancing with the Stars partner? Nick has been paired with Australian pro Peta Murgatroyd on DWTS and although the series hasn't started yet, things seem good between Vanessa and Peta — just as they should be.

While Nick being on Dancing with the Stars immediately following The Bachelor could be a recipe for disaster — considering he hasn't had any time to spend with his significant other — Nick and Vanessa are being positive about the whole thing. Maybe it's because they know what a bad decision everyone else thinks it is, but Vanessa has been nothing but supportive of Nick in public. For example, on Jimmy Kimmel Live after The Bachelor finale, Kimmel asked the newly announced couple about Dancing with the Stars. He teased them that this wasn't the best way to start their relationship, especially after Vanessa had to watch Nick make out with other women on TV. However, Vanessa seemed cool with Nick dancing with two-time winner Peta and agreed with Kimmel that Nick's partner is beautiful.

Kimmel joked that DWTS probably selected Peta for Nick since she just had a baby and is engaged to fellow DWTS pro Maksim (Maks) Chmerkovskiy. Nick and Vanessa said they weren't complaining if that were the case and then Vanessa said:

"I was really excited about the whole Dancing with the Stars experience. He ran it by me, we spoke about it ... Peta's a great dancer. I'm really happy that he got to be paired up with Peta so hopefully we'll make it to the end."

She then added while laughing, "I'm including myself in this."

If you think actions speak louder than words though, Vanessa has shown her support for Peta in other ways. On social media, Vanessa retweeted a message from Peta that congratulated her and Nick. Vanessa thanked her and even added the face blowing a kiss emoji — the basis of all true friendships.

That same day, Vanessa visited her fiancé at his Dancing with the Stars rehearsal and met Peta and Maks' baby Shai. Beyond this being a good time for Vanessa and Peta to get to know one another, they all took the opportunity to pose for an adorable photo shoot too.

Peta and Vanessa also seemed to get along in a Facebook Live video that they made with Nick during the rehearsal. Peta gave the couple some encouraging words and the women even bonded over (of all things) vinegar. Hey, you know what they say: If you can bond over vinegar, you can bond over anything??

Besides the social media love, Peta and Vanessa took their acquaintanceship up a level on Saturday, March 18 when Vanessa, Nick, Peta, and Maks went on a double date. Us Weekly reported that the two couples were headed to the Church Key restaurant in West Hollywood. Although this could all be some genius promotion for Dancing with the Stars (and I'm sure part of it is), there is one aspect of this double date that's super endearing. In the Facebook Live video, Nick asked the women if they like dim sum. And, the Church Key has "dim-sum style service." Coincidence? I think not. Looks like Nick convinced them all to try it out on Saturday night after that rehearsal, which makes me think this double date was at least a little legit.

As Vanessa is hanging out in Los Angeles for now, she will probably be in the crowd cheering on Nick and Peta during Dancing with the Stars when it premieres on March 20. No matter what happens when it comes to Nick's scores, Vanessa should keep being supportive of his platonic partnership with Peta. Because while Nick being busy with Dancing with the Stars might not be the ideal way for their engagement to start, that has nothing to do with Peta. And thankfully, Vanessa seems mature enough not to take out any future DWTS-related problems with Nick on his partner and her potential new pal.