Uh Oh, 'Bachelor' Fans — Stassi Could Be Single After 'Winter Games'


Sadly, The Bachelor franchise's latest spinoff series has reached the end of its run. The Bachelor Winter Games airs its finale on Feb. 22, exiting our lives as quickly as it entered. But, how have the couples faired? For example, what happened between Luke and Stassi? So far, whether Stassi is single after The Bachelor Winter Games isn't explicitly known. The former Bachelor: Sweden contestant and current Bachelor Winter Games contestant hasn't said anything publicly on whether or not she's still seeing Luke Pell, who is from JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette. But on Feb. 22, Entertainment Tonight posted an exclusive clip from Bachelor Winter Games: World Tells All and it doesn't look like Stassi and Luke are still together.

In the video, the rest of the cast and even host Chris Harrison clear the stage as Stassi and Luke have an intense talk, in which Stassi is emotional and Luke is... there. "I think I just believe in us more than you did," Stassi says to him in the clip, while Luke nods and barely makes eye contact with her. "For me, what was between us was not a a show ... So you just decided after the show 'I won't even try to be with her?'" Luke simply nods and says, "Yeah." Yikes.

The finale will likely let fans know where exactly Luke and Stassi stand now, since Bachelor Winter Games was filmed in Vermont during December 2017, according to The Boston Globe. As Bachelor fans know, a lot could have changed in the months since then — and it sounds like a lot has.

On social media, there isn't any evidence of a new love or a continued coupling with Luke on Stassi's Instagram account, which mostly features her modeling photos. The one photo she posted from Bachelor Winter Games on Feb. 15 is a group photo of herself, Dean, Ally, Clare, Jordan, Courtney, Lesley... and no Luke. Hmm. She captioned the photo: "You are simply the BEST [U.S flag and heart emojis]." The location tag on the photo is "Los Angeles, California."

Luke's Instagram has also been devoid of any mentions of Stassi; he has mostly posted photos of his country music singing career. The one photo he posted from Bachelor Winter Games is a group photo of his fellow male contestants on the ice for a speed skating competition... and no sign of Stassi.

On Feb. 15, Luke retweeted a tweet by Dean that said:

Can’t believe Stassi didn’t know who Paul Bunyan was...the most famous lumberjack OF ALL-TIME @lukepell #thebachelorwintergames

And Luke added the following in his retweet:

That’s Strike one haha #bachelorwintergames

Ouch. Though that could be interpreted as a strike at Stassi or Dean, it could be that the tweet was just all in good fun, as indicated by the "haha" at the end.

In a Feb. 15 interview with Haute Living, Luke answered a question about his current relationship status by saying, "I have found love, but it might not be the love that has lasted forever." That doesn't sound like a good sign, especially coupled with that clip from the reunion.

Luke and Stassi didn't hit it off right away on Bachelor Winter Games, but they eventually found each other in the spinoff series' short run. Luke went on a date with Rebecca early on, but eventually, Luke and Stassi found each other in the Bachelor Winter Games house. A date, a rose, and a kissing competition later, Luke and Stassi are one of the remaining couples left in the series after several dramatic exits of other contestants took place.


Bachelor Winter Games executive producer Bennett Graebner told E! that producers weren't sure about including Stassi at first, but they became more and more intrigued as they watched her episodes of The Bachelor: Sweden. Graebner said, "The more we watched tape of her on Bachelor Sweden the more we thought this is the woman we need to cast. There was something really captivating about her."

Stassi appeared on The Bachelor: Sweden Season 3 and if she's no longer with Luke, this may not be the last time we see her on a Bachelor spinoff. After all, if she is single, Stassi could join Bachelor in Paradise for another chance at love. She may deserve it after what Luke potentially put her through.