The New 'BiP' Arrival Might Have ALSO Met Blake At Stagecoach

Rick Rowell/ABC

Bachelor in Paradise loves to bring back contestants from previous seasons whom fans barely remember. (Jane from BiP Season 6 is a great example of this). For some hard-to-remember contestants, Paradise is a chance to make a name for themselves outside of their original season, but others just fade into the background yet again. Time will tell what happens for Caitlin on Bachelor in Paradise, but if you find yourself asking, "Who?" when she hits the beaches, you are not alone. Remembering what happened to Caitlin on Colton's Bachelor season may help jog your memory... or maybe not, because she was mostly a background player.

Caitlin had a strong start on the show, reminding many people of Kaitlyn Bristowe. Like Bristowe, Caitlin is from Canada and used an innuendo in her limo exit. On Chris Soules' season, Kaitlyn told the farmer that he could plow her field. And, on Colton's season, Caitlin brought along a red balloon, which she then popped in front of the virgin Bachelor. "Now that I've popped your cherry, we don't have to talk about virginity anymore," she told him.

However, after her memorable limo exit, Caitlin kind of faded into the background. She went on two group dates while on Colton's season. The first was the camp-themed team challenge hosted by Billy Eichner. The second was the "strong woman" competition hosted by Terry and Rebecca Crews. Colton actually sent Caitlin home at the "strong woman" after-party because he just didn't connect with her enough, according to an Us Weekly recap. "I didn't feel the chemistry, I didn't feel the sparks … the conversation wasn't the best," Colton said on the show about why he sent her packing. "I have relationships that are further along and with Caitlin, I just didn't feel it."

Eric McCandless/ABC

Poor Caitlin didn't even make it to that week's rose ceremony. And that was it for her — just a brief three weeks and one virginity joke later, she was off the show. She did return for the Women Tell All, but since most of the drama and attention was focused on people like Caelynn, Cassie, Demi, etc., Caitlin didn't really get the chance to shine much there, either. (You can spot her in the above Women Tell All photo. She's seated in the second row, second from the right.)

However, maybe things will be different for Caitlin in Paradise. Her Bachelor bio stated that the Toronto realtor loves photography, painting, cheesecake, and singing (in the shower). Is there someone in Paradise who has similar interests? She may already know a few of her options from — where else? — Stagecoach. That's right, just like Blake, Tayshia, Kristina, Caelynn, Demi, and so many other Paradise stars, Caitlin was also at Stagecoach this past spring, according to her Instagram. She captioned a photo of her at the music festival, "Let my inner cowgirl out this weekend🤠🌵💃🏻Next time I'm going to tell her to stay home...she's a little too rowdy."

Did Caitlin also meet Blake at Stagecoach? It's possible, especially based on a clip from the BiP trailer that shows Blake on a date with someone who has hair that looks very much like Caitlin's.


(The hair also doesn't seem to completely match Tayshia, Kristina, Hannah, or Caelynn, so it is likely a new person that Blake has chosen to add to his love pentagon.)

If Caitlin was looking to make more of a splash on BiP than she did on The Bachelor, going on a date with Blake is one way to do it. If that date speculation is true, things are about to get even messier for Blake — who knew that was even possible?