Raven Joins The Injured Foot Club On 'Big Brother'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 19 has proven to be one of the most surprising seasons of the show so far, and not because of the show format itself. The season has been plagued by everything from self-evictions to injuries, and now a new injury has shaken up the status quo of the Big Brother house. Only a week after Christmas broke her foot, Raven has injured her foot as if there's some kind of Big Brother 19 foot-injury club. What happened to Raven's foot? Will her injury lead to surgery like Christmas' injury did?

Raven's bandaged foot made an appearance during a Big Brother live eviction, but the new setback didn't receive any attention on the show. However, feed watchers got to witness firsthand what happened to Raven. While walking down the stairs from the HoH room, Raven slipped and cut her foot. After slipping, Cody managed to pick her up and take her down from the stairs and into the diary room so that she could get medical attention. The cut was drastic enough to require stitches, but it seems that the foot injury is not severe enough that Raven will have to share a hospital room with Christmas any time soon.

Raven's injury may be less severe than Christmas', but that doesn't mean that her time in the Big Brother house hasn't been severely affected. It could leave her at a disadvantage in future physical challenges and could keep her from being the vibrant social presence that she's been so far this season. Worse still, the injury could affect her ability to dance when she gets out of the house. Then again, if Raven has been a dancer her whole life that it's likely that this is far from the worst thing to happen to her feet.

Raven revealed on the live feeds, after recovering from her injury, that the medics were unable to numb her foot and that she had to be stitched up without any kind of anesthesia. Despite the pain, she is up and walking again. As she explained to he fellow houseguests, the only limitations she currently faces is that she can't put pressure on her foot for the time being, and she can't submerge her foot in water.

Big Brother currently has two injured houseguests, meaning that they'll either have to work around them or that both Raven and Christmas will be sitting out of competitions. This could send them both out of the house earlier than expected if they're not able to keep themselves safe from those that may want them evicted. On the other hand, these injuries could help Raven and Christmas garner sympathy to help them stay to the end.

At this rate, it wouldn't be surprising if everyone in the house injured their foot and the entire remainder season involved the whole house tending to each other's injuries. Here's hoping that Raven is the last person on Big Brother 19 to have to compete with an injured foot.