Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Son Is Destined To Be Responsible Based On His Zodiac Sign

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The long-awaited day has finally, finally arrived: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby has arrived on this Earth, meaning the royal baby watch is officially over (for now, at least). The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed a baby boy in the early morning hours of Monday, May 6, and fans could not be more overjoyed with the couple.

There's a lot we don't yet know about Baby Sussex. He seems to be a healthy baby boy, but Kensington Palace has so far not released other details, like his name or what he looks like (and since Markle won't be doing the royal tradition of postpartum photos, it's not clear when the public will get a glimpse of him). But we do one thing: What Baby Sussex's zodiac sign is. Being born on May 6, this little royal baby is a Taurus, and that alone is already giving us a pretty good idea of the kind of person he's going to be.

As far as astrology goes, Taurus is a solid sign to be born into — literally. As an Earth sign, Tauruses are also known as some of the most reliable and dependable people out there. The mark of a Taurus is someone who is strong, stable, and loyal. They are well-grounded and they always bring a sense of solidity to whatever they are involved in. In other words, a Taurus is someone you want to have around in a sticky situation — they are the friend you want by your side when you really need some good support.

According to Astrostyle, Taurus is known for being responsible and practical, a hard worker who knows how to think things through and then work towards getting those things done. This is great for a royal baby, who is going to be under a lot of scrutiny: Baby Sussex will be strong enough to be able to withstand the pressure without changing who he is.

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This zodiac sign may be very grounded, but there's a side to them that absolutely loves the finer things in life: A Taurus loves to be surrounded by nice things, even in the material sense. That's great news for Baby Sussex — he was literally born into the royal family in England, and will be surrounded by beautiful items his entire life. It's a zodiac match made in heaven!

Of course, there is a more negative side to any Taurus as well — it's not all about being dependable and devoted! According to Cafe Astrology, this zodiac sign is well known for being stubborn to a fault. They don't like change, and prefer to stick to the routines that they know and love. This could work in the new baby's favor, as royals are all about tradition.

But back to the good stuff: a Taurus can also be pretty creative. According to Astro Fame, this sign is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, and attraction. Astro Fame says, "Venus ensures Taurus' natural charm and strong desire to develop harmonious and peaceful relationships. Taurus personalities crave tranquility and really do appreciate the little things in life. Thanks to Venus, a Taurus will often develop artistic and culinary talents."

With two strong parents — Harry is a Virgo, while Markle is a Leo — supporting him, Baby Sussex is definitely going to go far in life, and his zodiac sign is only going to help him get there.