Farsali Is Launching A Completely New Line & Here's What We Know

For lovers of both skin care and makeup, there may be no better brand than Farsáli. The hybrid cosmetics and skin care company has become one of the most recognizable products on social media, and now Farsáli Privé is coming to help the most dedicated of fans gets something a little extra special from the brand.

In an Instagram story posted to his personal account, Farsáli founder Sal Ali explained that he had been teasing the launch of a new line from the brand and finally announced the name: Farsáli Privé. What is the new line from the Insta-famous brand? According to Ali, Privé will be an exclusive set of products that come directly from him. In fact, in the video, he explains the products will essentially give the fans the feeling of being in his lab. The goods will be sold only on the Farsáli website, not at other beauty retailers, and will be much more exclusive than its other, well-known goods.

As for a release date for the Privé line, Ali gave no update, but Bustle has reached out to the brand for comment. However, while the founder didn't reveal the date, he did give followers a sneak peek at Farsáli Privé's first product which means a launch can't be too far away.

In a second post, Ali is actually wearing the new product, and gives a bit more of a hint at what's to come explaining that "BAE used to complain about me messing up the sink because of something... but not anymore...what could it be?"

The photo shows Ali wearing what seem to be micro beads (that are hopefully biodegradable) all over his face. Soon, fans were making guesses that a face mask, particularly an exfoliating one, could be coming from the brand. While Farsáli may be a hybrid makeup and skin care, given that Ali has blue goo all over his face, it's probably a safe bet that this isn't some sort of primer and is instead a full blow skin care product.

The brand's new line launching a skin care product — as opposed to one with a dual purpose — isn't odd though. While most of Farsáli's other goods like Unicorn Essence and Rose Gold Elixir can be used as skin care or makeup primers, they have launched a purely cosmetic product in the past, the Jelly Beam Illuminator.

Back in 2017, Farsáli introduced its first purely makeup based product, Jelly Beam Illuminator, and given its wiggly, unique formula, the product obviously went viral. Fast forward to May 2018, and the jelly product was so popular that the brand created two new shades.

Now, with Farsáli Privé on the way to fans, the brand seems to have crafted a strictly skin care product, just as they did with Jelly Beam. As to what the product actually is, that remains a mystery. However, with a product and packaging already in founder Sal Ali's hand, there's a good chance that the new line and product are just around the corner.