KKW Beauty's New Product Tease Has Generated Some Impressive Fan Theories

Nothing generates interesting fan theories (and rampant excitement) quite like a beauty product tease posted to Instagram. KKW Beauty just teased a new product via an image of three models of three different backgrounds and skin tones on its official Insta. The only details that KKWB provided was the fact that the brand was "on set with these beauties shooting our newest #KKWBEAUTY product," which is "coming soon."

The release date and the exact nature of the new item were not revealed or even hinted about. However, both myself and KKWB fanatics can speculate and attempt to surmise the nature of the product based on the visual context clues. What is the new KKW Beauty product?

Judging from the image of the models with dewy, glowing skin, I am going to predict it's a bronzing highlighter and here's how I arrived at this conclusion.

Kim Kardashian launched her cosmetics line with Creme Contouring Kits because facial definition and lines created through shadows and light are her signature. Therefore, it would make a world of sense for the reality star and entrepreneur extraordinaire to continue to deliver skin and face-focused products to work in concert.

It keeps things consistent, offering her kustomers and loyalists who want to kopy her look all the necessary tools to build the base of a Kim Kardashian-inspired look before moving on to eye makeup or more lip products.

That glow, though! It's incredibly epic. It has to be a dewy bronzer in a revolutionary cream-to-powder formula. OK, it could be anything, so it's all a guessing game until KKW and ko. reveal the product details.

To recap, the Creme Contour & Highlight Kits are three pieces strong and come in millennial pink packaging.

Perhaps the new KKW Beauty product is designed to pair perfectly with the existing Creme Contouring Kits.

Here are the best fan theories, based on the tease.

Highlighter? Brows? Concealer? Fans are speculating based on the image and beyond.

Some KKWB junkies are thinking eyeshadow. I'm not backing that theory, simply because Kardashian is a fan of the smoky eye and these models aren't rocking maj eyes. I look at the pic and see G-L-O-W. They are gleaming.

An anti-aging concealer is not a bad guess. It's great wishful thinking, too.

Brows kits, highlighter, and foundation are the most repeated guesses and that suggests what KKWB fans really and truly want.

Ultimately, I am going to go with highlighter based on the blindingly beautiful glow in the teaser pic from the photo shoot. I could be wrong but that's my gut reaction.