What Is The Worm Full Moon? The Last Full Moon Of Winter Is A Time For Rebirth

Fun fact time: Mar. 12 2017, the first day of Daylight Saving Time, is also the last full moon of winter. This full moon has a funny name, though — the "worm full moon." I know, I know; weird, right? So, what is the worm full moon?

Apparently, according to Tree Hugger, this lunar phase is a sign of rebirth. Before the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, Native Americans relied on the moon to track seasons and plan crop calendars. They named each moon based on attributes associated with what occurred during each lunar cycle.

The worm full moon represents the time of year when ground, frozen from winter, starts to thaw, and earthworms begin to emerge, according to Melissa Breyer of Tree Hugger. With the first day of spring less than 10 days away, the worm full moon represents a rebirth of plants, animals, birds, and other creatures that have been dormant during the long, cold winter.

The worm moon was completely full at 9:54 a.m. EDT the morning of Mar. 12, so many of you likely did not see it. But, there is good news: The worm moon will be between 99 and 100 percent illuminated through Mar. 13, so you still have a chance to see winter's last full moon in all its glory for two more days. Use this as an opportunity to set intentions for the coming vernal equinox Mar. 20.


The Mar. 12 full moon is alternatively known as the "sap moon" because it marks the date when maple trees can be tapped for syrup. Additionally, Celtic people referred to the March full moon as the "moon of winds."

This full moon is in Virgo, and it's considered an ideal time to do things to contribute to both your long-term and immediate health, according to Holiday Mathis of Creators.com. Virgo is typically the sign associated with thinking. Sometimes too much thinking. While Virgo thinking is often self-critical, the astrology website Gostica claims it can also be extremely enlightening.

Consider using these next two weeks while the worm moon is in Virgo to focus on self-care by harnessing Virgo's warrior energy to access your inner strength, and hone your power. Since almost everyone has Virgo somewhere in their astrological chart, all signs of the zodiac can benefit from the worm moon's strength.

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Astrologer Rick Levine of Tarot.com advises that this full moon "opposes the irrational Pisces Sun, creating a tug-of-war between our heads and our hearts. Our need for solid information opposes our desire to ignore reality and act solely on our intuition." So, during the worm full moon you should rely equally on facts and your intuition to help you make the best decisions.

It's also important to use the worm moon in Virgo's warrior energy to distinguish yourself as a strong individual, not as a tool to battle with others. If you find yourself feeling irritated on the night of the full moon, Gostica claims that this is normal, and is the result of certain planets shifting into what astrologers call an irritated rectangle. Not surprisingly, the worm full moon could bring irritations to the surface.

Astrologers suggest seeing these irritations as an opportunity to purge what is no longer serving you. The bottom line? As the last full moon of winter, this is an ideal time to let go of things. Sort of like a tidying up of the soul so you're ready to welcome the spring equinox.

You may also want to factor in Venus retrograde and Jupiter retrograde, both of which are working in similar ways simultaneously.