This Is What JK Rowling's Cryptic Tweet About 'The Cursed Child' Really Meant

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Every time JK Rowling utters anything even slightly magical — Potter stans lose it. Understandably, because OMG that woman's mind. Being able to create an entire universe means she absolutely deserves of all the attention and support she gets. I mean come on, you don't need to be a Hogwarts graduate to clock that do you? So, understandably, when she did the digital version of sending an owl (tweeting) — it got lit pretty quick. Because J.K. Rowling's mysterious tweet about The Cursed Child has left me with so many questions I can't even deal.

The tweet was posted from her account at around 10p.m. on Thursday September 5, it consisted of a black and photo of the the Dark Mark. Any stans will know that's the symbol of that total D-bag Voldemort and his ragtag crew of followers, the Death Eaters. Basically if someone has one of these tattooed on their wrist, that a serious "no second date" vibe.

An image of a spooky mark. No big deal, hey? Well it was what she said alongside it that was a big bunch of OMG WTF.

She wrote: "Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places #HarryPotter #CursedChild."

OK right. So many questions. Babe, what are you on about? Does this mean (*shudders*) new content? Do I need to start gathering my brass farthings to save for tickets again? Or a movie? Maybe a movie is coming.

Cryptic AF. Ever since The Cursed Child hit stages, people have been wondering about the potential for a movie trilogy. So much so that Rowling tweeted about there being zero chance of a movie. Boo hiss.

But wonder no more because the tea has actually been spilled over on the official website for all things Potter, Pottermore. Basically the play has had a bit of rebranding.

A post explains: 'Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places’ is the prophetic new tagline for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which has just revealed a sensational new look across its marketing artwork and venues around the world. Within the new design [...] we see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebrating its place as the eighth story in the canon by incorporating J.K. Rowling’s name and the iconic lightning-bolt Harry Potter logo."

So the new design is super clever, incorporating the dark mark into the lightning bolt, which is being shot out by an adult Harry. According to Pottermore the tagline of "Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places" was actually written by J.K. Rowling as the original description for the hit play.


To celebrate the new look, on Thursday the Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Broadway show took its audience into Times Square to show them the "the power of lord Voldemort.' Celebs in attendance included Sarah Jessica Parker who threw a wand around with gay abandon.

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Hopefully this rebranding will do well for the play and maybe even inspire Rowling to get her typewriter out again, and create some fresh, new content.