Here’s How Taurus Season Will Affect Your Career, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Though the warming temperatures and blooming flowers might be leading us to believe that summer vacation is near, it's still a long ways away so it's important to bring your attention back to the office while you can. The spring is a great time to push your career forward, and there's a lot of powerful energy that you can harness if you set your intentions wisely. While we might all feel a bit of momentum this time of year, what becomes of it is really up to us, so it's important to think about what Taurus season 2019 means for your career, based on your zodiac sign because the zodiac season is officially here (April 20 to May 20). The way one sign rides momentum can be vastly different than the way another sign rides it out, so Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about how each sign will experience professional and creative energy differently during the persistent and driven season of the bull.

During Taurus season, Thomas tells Bustle that "we're all drawn to building something of value and longevity, whether that be money, love, happiness, or security." So while it might be easy to get distracted by the spring scenes outside, once we refocus on work, we won't have any issue staying engaged, as there is so much exciting and important work in front of us. "Ruled by Venus, this is also a time when art, pleasure, romance, and passion flourishes," Thomas says, proving that there's going to blooming both inside and outside of the garden this season. Here's what each sign can expect to experience this Taurus season:


You won't have that much trouble focusing this month, as hard work is in your bones. That said, according to Thomas, "Taurus season always makes you want to dig down and make more money, so evaluate your skills and what you value about yourself," meaning you might need to find a new way to do what you're doing in order to take yourself to the next level.


Happy Birthday Taurus! Thomas tells Bustle that "you have more power and ability to sway everything in your favor this season," to start manifesting your destiny! Thomas also adds that "Venus, planet of charm and magnetism, joins the party in your sign on the 15, meaning you can bring in opportunities and money by snapping your fingers," Aka start snapping. Spend some time today really thinking about what you want for yourself so that you can be clear with your intentions.


If you've been waiting to launch a new product or initiative or endeavor, Taurus season is going to give you the rocket power to get it going. "Mars, planet of passion and dominance, is in your sign until May 15 this Taurus season," Thomas explains, meaning this is the best time to put your new ideas forward to increase the chances of them being well received.


This month you can plan on your relationships to thrive. This means you're going to slay at networking and negotiating. Thomas warns that you should take advantage of any "opportunities any important deals before May 6, when Mercury, planet of business, will be gifting you with wit and words in any contracts or sales." So plan around this date if at all possible!


This is going to be a good month for you, Leo. "Taurus season always brings you a crown, so expect to be making big moves in the career sector," Thomas tells Bustle. That said, he warns to keep in mind that "you're about to make shocking developments and changes in your career for seven years because Uranus is stomping around in your career sector, too," so try to leave a little room and flexibility for change, whatever it may be.


According to Thomas, if you’re involved in media, publicity, publishing, television, or any widespread industry with ties to international countries, you’ll be seeing extra luck this season, so go you! Thomas also says to "use this time wisely to launch major endeavors, go after a prized position, or simply dominate everything in your path," Aka, you're kind of winning this month, so just enjoy it and move forward humbly.


If money has been on your mind a lot, Thomas says that's just the stars at work. "If you're looking to raise venture capital or increase your work benefits (time off, bonuses, healthcare, etc), you’re in luck this Taurus season," Thomas encourages, just remember not to get ahead of yourself and make smart moves that support your future goals.


Thomas tells Bustle that Scorpios are basically going to have a super friendly and enjoyable month ahead of them. Because you'll be getting along with your co-workers or clients so well, you'll be enjoying your work even more than usual. What's more, you'll be putting out better work because you'll be happier doing it!


Taurus season always puts your mind on your work-life balance, so you'll be doing a lot of adjusting this month. It might take a while to perfect the balance, but Thomas says that you'll be able to find it if you listen to yourself. Are you happy with what you are investing your time into?

Thomas also says that "you may see more projects, clients, and responsibilities newly coming into your life – especially after the New Moon on May 4," so mark that date in your calendar.


Creative Capricorns are going to have a hell of a month! Thomas encourages all artsy goats to get inspired, take risks and try new things as the odds are in your favor. If you have been neglecting your creative self, now is the time to get reacquainted.


According to Thomas, "you’re especially gifted in all areas of communication this Taurus season because Mercury, the muse of words, will be bringing you a lightning wit until May 6" so it's time to make a deal or sign a contract or get things in writing ASAP!


According to Thomas, "if you are in marketing, advertising, writing or communications of any kind, you are especially gifted during this time." So trust your gut in the office, that little idea that you're scared to share might actually be a huge stepping stone for you and might really change the way people perceive you, for the better.