The Best Way To Unwind, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Way To Relax, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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Life is undoubtedly hectic, and 2020 has proven to be an intense year so far for all of us — so it's important for everyone to carve out some much-needed time for peace and calming right now. Of course, we're all different, so finding the best ways to relax can take some trial and error (because yoga isn't for everyone!). But looking to the unique qualities of your zodiac sign to find a relaxation technique that works for you can be the perfect solution when it comes to adding some peace to your routine.

When it comes to embracing your inner chill, there are some good rules of thumb that can boost everyone's overall wellness and reduce stress. "The best way to relax is to accept the situations that we're in [and] let go of our expectation of how things should be," Kristine Fredheim, psychic medium and spiritual advisor, tells Bustle. "Staying present in this very moment is key ... But my biggest advice on relaxation is to practice acceptance and to give love — to yourself, your family, and the world."

Here's the best way to relax, based on your zodiac sign, so you can maximize your chill time and de-stress your lifestyle.

Aries: Get Spiritual With A Ritual


You hold a lot of astrological power right now, Aries, as it's Aries season and the Sun is traveling through your sign. This makes it a good time to call on spirituality to help bring a sense of calm into your life, and a great way to ground and center yourself and is by using the power of ritual. Here are a few simple Aries season rituals that you're sure to resonate with, and performing them can help you tap into your power and find some much-needed inner peace.

Taurus: Practice Crystal Healing

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As an earth sign, you're deeply connected to the natural world, and there's no better way to bring some earthy relaxation to your life than by embracing the healing power of natural stress-relieving crystals and corresponding rituals to help you use them effectively. You can make your crystal healing practice even more dynamic by combining it with the healing power of essential oils, which will make it even more enjoyable for a sensory-focused sign like yourself.

Gemini: Focus On Your Breath


Breathing is automatic, but actually being conscious of our breath and making sure we're inhaling deeply takes practice and awareness. Deep breathing promotes relaxation by getting more oxygen to your cells and helping you to slow down and shift your focus onto something you can control, which can reduce anxious thoughts.

Cancer: Throw A Tea Party For One


As a water sign, it's always helpful to embrace the healing power of your element to help ground you, so creating a ritual centered around hydrating yourself with herbal tea is a great way to consciously relax. Try calming tea blends such as The Republic of Tea's 'Get Relaxed' blend, or its Beautifying Botanicals Beauty Sleep blend.

Leo: Create An At-Home Spa


While you may not be able to hit your favorite spa at your leisure, you can certainly pamper yourself by recreating the experience at home. As the single sign ruled by the Sun, you love feeling warm and loved, so treating yourself to some mystical beauty treats like Pacifica's quartz-infused crystal skincare line, a gemstone facial roller, or Spiritual Sparkle's crystal infused nail polishes.

Virgo: Aromatherapy


Earth signs are perhaps the most naturally in touch with their physical senses, so as a Virgo, the power of aromatherapy to boost your mood and help you relax is potentially really powerful. Experiment by exploring the world of essential oils, or try a wellness-based perfume or room spritz like the ones from St. Rose fragrances, which uses plant essences to create healing scents. You can even spritz your pillow, sheets, and blankets for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Libra: Journal Out Your Thoughts


As an air sign, you're extremely thought-focused, so writing things out and working through your feelings and anxieties by journal can be an extremely therapeutic part of your day. And for a luxury-loving Venus baby like you, Libra, it's essential to keep it cute, so choose an aesthetically pleasing journal like these adorable, Instagram-worthy journals and notebooks from Adelfi, which will make writing all the more relaxing and fun.

Scorpio: Turn To The Mystical Arts


You're naturally investigative and spiritual, Scorpio, learning some new mystical arts can be exactly the relaxing and fun hobby you need to keep your chill right now. Order a set of oracle cards and start dabbling in the deck, or get a crystal pendulum to explore the world of dowsing for divination.

Sagittarius: Guided Meditations

As a fire sign, you're full of energy and often finding yourself burning the candle at both ends. That said, slowing yourself down and trying your hand at meditation can be a great way to promote relaxation and ground yourself amidst an otherwise chaotic period. Using a guided meditation is a great tool for beginners, and there are plenty to choose from that are available for free on YouTube or through meditation apps.

Capricorn: Do A Tech Detox


The constant screen time and barrage of e-mails and social media notifications can add a lot of stress — especially for a very work-oriented earth sign like yourself, Cap! Try taking an occasional tech detox to help you relax through the week. Commit to doing activities that don't involve being in front of a screen — like reading a book or taking a walk through your neighborhood. You'll be surprised at the way your mind will be able to slow down and be present.

Aquarius: Stretch Your Body


As a mentally-focused air sign, you spend a lot of time conceptualizing things and being up in your head, Aquarius. Bringing your awareness back into your physical body can be a great way to relax and get your mind off of your stresses. Try incorporating light exercises and stretching into your daily routine. Mastering a few simple yoga poses can be a great and simple way to arm yourself with calming physical movements that will relax you no matter where you are.

Pisces: Take A Hot Bath Or Shower


As a water baby, Pisces, you feel most at home when surrounded by your element — so embrace the mystical healing power of water by taking long and luxurious baths or showers. While bathing is part of everyone's routine, make yours special and connect with the element of your sign. Think of your bath time as not only cleansing your body, but also your energy field — and treat yourself to some fun LUSH bath bombs tailored to the zodiac signs.