What To Watch On Netflix When You're Having A Sick Day & Need To Feel Better

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I don't know about you guys, but when I'm sick, there's nothing that makes me feel better than the right movie. Depending on the malady, a movie can be as effective as a warm blanket and some hot tea. And these 17 movies and shows to watch on Netflix when you're having a sick day can be essential to your recovery. So, if you're sick, grab a comfy pillow, get in your softest pajamas, boil some water and get ready to watch movies and TV shows until you doze off for the most epic, and hopefully restorative, nap of your life.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sick days there isn't really a one-size-fits-all cure. But that's why this list of movies and shows to watch on Netflix has a bit of everything. There's the childhood comfort movies, the action adventures, the fantasy, the classics, the romantic comedies, and crushworthy stars guaranteed to make you forget about that nasty sinus headache or the fact that you can't stop coughing. Whether getting sick makes you want to wallow in self-pity or be whisked away on a magical adventure, there's a movie or show on Netflix for you. And, if nothing on this list of 17 things to watch when you're having a sick day, well, then, I hope you've got some great books on tape to get you through the day.