17 Movies & Shows On Netflix Perfect For A Sick Day

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I don't know about you guys, but when I'm sick, there's nothing that makes me feel better than the right movie. Depending on the malady, a movie can be as effective as a warm blanket and some hot tea. And these 17 movies and shows to watch on Netflix when you're having a sick day can be essential to your recovery. So, if you're sick, grab a comfy pillow, get in your softest pajamas, boil some water and get ready to watch movies and TV shows until you doze off for the most epic, and hopefully restorative, nap of your life.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sick days there isn't really a one-size-fits-all cure. But that's why this list of movies and shows to watch on Netflix has a bit of everything. There's the childhood comfort movies, the action adventures, the fantasy, the classics, the romantic comedies, and crushworthy stars guaranteed to make you forget about that nasty sinus headache or the fact that you can't stop coughing. Whether getting sick makes you want to wallow in self-pity or be whisked away on a magical adventure, there's a movie or show on Netflix for you. And, if nothing on this list of 17 things to watch when you're having a sick day, well, then, I hope you've got some great books on tape to get you through the day.


Disney's newest hit is guaranteed to put you in a good mood and get you to stop thinking about all the work you'll have to catch up on.

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

Travel to a galaxy far far away with Rogue One. Pro tip: allow Cassian Andor's selection of super sexy puffy jackets to warm you up.

'The Mighty Ducks'

Indulge your 12-year-old self and relive your childhood crush with The Mighty Ducks.


If you're into a more depressing sick day experience, then Zodiac should do the trick while entertaining you with an unsolved murder mystery that will haunt your dreams.

'The Incredible Jessica James'

Take the opportunity to catch up on some Netflix original content, like the Jessica Williams-starring comedy The Incredible Jessica James.

'Best In Show'

Christopher Guest's mockumentary about dog shows is pretty much a perfect comedy, but also hopefully won't send you into a coughing fit every time you get a laugh attack.


Warning: watching E.T. when sick might just fool your brain into thinking your mom is going to show up with chicken noodle soup. You will probably have to warm that up yourself.


Pro tip: if you're sick and want romance without all the nasty death, stop the movie right after Rose and Jack seal the deal. Happy ending guaranteed.

'Captain America: Civil War'

Captain America: Civil War will definitely take your mind off your worries. Also, if these biceps don't cure you, I don't know what will.

'Stranger Things'

Binge on something equal parts entertaining and nostalgic. Stranger Things: it's like chicken soup for the soul.


I don't know what it is about period films that make them so perfectly matched with sick days, but Emma, the 1996 Jane Austen adaptation, is no exception.

'Luke Cage'

Another marathon-worthy show, Luke Cage is a great sick day choice: entertaining, fun, and featuring some pretty awesome fight scenes.

'For A Good Time Call'

Laugh, cry, and laugh some more with For A Good Time Call, a movie about two New York women who decide to open their own phone sex hotline.

'A Cinderella Story'

Travel back in time to 2004, where flip phones were cool, chat rooms were scandalous, and Chad Michael Murray was a thing.

'The Sixth Sense'

Sick days are sometimes the perfect time to catch up on some of the classics you've missed over the years, like The Sixth Sense.

'Magic Mike'

I'm sorry, have you never watched a stripper movie to make you feel better?


Fall in love with Riverdale, a show so perfect for marathoning, you'd think it was made for it.

If you're unlucky enough to need more than one sick day to recover, then buckle up. You're in for a hell of a weird movie marathon.