Absolutely All Of The TV There Is To Watch On Christmas Day This Year

by Aoife Hanna
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Kylie Minogue's Big Night/ Channel 4

Living in a time where streaming is the norm, it's not often that you find yourself glued to a TV set, tied to certain air times etc. However, the one time of year that people across the country are almost universally slobbing in front of the box is Christmas Day. With so many options, it's important to have a think about the best TV in the UK on Christmas Day and to plan ahead. Lucky for you, I've put a little guide together to help you create a schedule this year.

As with many of the most important things in life, preparation here is key. Marathonning food, snacks, and probably various alcohols is a really trying thing to undertake. So you need to make sure that the beautiful respite provided by watching some high grade televisual pleasures is really up to scratch.

Clashing TV schedules is a concern for us all. Luckily with the aid of recording facilities and online catch up, you'll be able to watch what you missed during that hellishly boring week between Christmas and New Years Eve. However, the biggest, baddest day of them all is Dec. 25 and you'll need to prioritise your viewing schedule ahead of time so you're not one of those people left desolate after a big plot twist reveal on Twitter. Or, even worse, bereft after choosing something boring.


If you have little ones in the house this Christmas, morning time means something entirely different to you. It means being awoken at an ungodly hour having probably been awake all night wrapping gifts. But if you're a mangey old adult like moi, you're probably crawling out of bed at 9 a.m. earliest. So here's some cute stuff to watch while you get your brunch on.

9.25 a.m. Disney's A Christmas Carol, ITV

11 a.m. Wallace & Gromit A Close Shave, BBC One


In the run up to the main meal, you'll need some light entertainment that's fun for all ages. Luckily this year there are lots of classic family favourites, as well as some brand spanking new shows to watch.

12 p.m. Father Christmas, Channel 4

12.45 p.m. The Snowman, Channel 4

1.20 p.m. Gareth Malone's Christmas Concert, BBC Two

2.30 p.m. The Snail & The Whale, BBC One

3 p.m. The Queen's Speech, ITV1

3.10 p.m. Shrek The Halls, ITV1

4.40 p.m. Strictly Christmas Special, BBC One

6 p.m. The Chase Christmas Day Celebrity Special, ITV1


This is crunch time for true TV fans. Primetime viewing on Christmas day steps in just when you're too full and tired to speak to anyone and/or the arguments have kicked off. Find yourself a space on the sofa, cosy up, nd remember, it's your Christmas. Enjoy it.

7 p.m. Call The Midwife, BBC One

8.30 p.m. Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special, BBC One

9.30 p.m. First Dates At Christmas, Channel 4

10.30 p.m. Kylie's Secret Night, Channel 4

No matter what you end up watching this year, remember to be kind, humble, and not start world war three over someone disagreeing with what you want to watch. It's Christmas after all.

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