Here's What Could Happen To Clay After That Huge '13 Reasons Why' Cliffhanger


SPOILERS for all of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 follow. The Season 2 finale of 13 Reasons Why put Clay in possibly the worst position he has been in all series and will greatly impact what will happen to Clay in 13 Reasons Why Season 3, if the show gets renewed. After he talks Tyler down from perpetrating a mass shooting at the school dance, Clay is left holding the gun with the police on the way. By showing compassion to Tyler, Clay was able to stop a huge tragedy from happening and saved a lot of lives. But the Season 2 finale will leave viewers feeling incredibly anxious for what's next for Clay.

Clay's decision to talk down Tyler on his own is an incredibly dangerous one. The other students who are aware of Tyler's plan don't agree with Clay and they understandably alert the police. But before the authorities arrive, Clay does manage to de-escalate the situation by getting through to Tyler. He tells Tyler that he doesn't want him to die and convinces Tyler that hurting others won't make anything better. Clay makes Tyler question if going through with the shooting would really change anything, acknowledging how American society hasn't made any effectual change to put an end to the real-life rash of school shootings in recent history. "If you really think this will change a goddamn thing and not just be another f*cking tragedy that adults cry about for a week..." Clay says. Ultimately, by convincing Tyler there's still a future for him, Clay helps Tyler and the many unsuspecting students and faculty at the dance.


Tyler lets Clay take his gun when Clay stays true to his word and helps him escape the scene with the help of Tony and his car. Because if Tyler had been caught on school property with that number of weapons, he surely would have been arrested or possibly even shot on sight. Yet, now Clay is the one standing there with a gun. And even if he puts it down or hides it, the police are probably going to take Clay into custody and question him about how he was involved in this school shooting plot. That's if the police don't confuse him for the shooter and point their guns at him.

Since Justin and Jessica joined Clay outside and know what happened, Clay should hopefully not be viewed as a threat to the police. And the authorities won't have a hard time putting together that it was Tyler who organized this unfulfilled crime. His family's car is at the school with a large number of guns and Tyler sent a text to Mackenzie that tipped her off to what he was planning. But Clay won't necessarily want to give up Tyler's whereabouts — and he and Tony did actively assist in Tyler fleeing the scene. So Clay may be facing his own legal ramifications.


Clay often breaks the rules to seek his own form of justice. And if he gives Tyler up to the police, he knows that he'll be seriously betraying Tyler. Yet, hiding Tyler away from everyone won't allow him to get the help he so desperately needs. But Tyler being locked away isn't necessarily what Clay will want either. It's all so tricky.

Beyond that intense cliffhanger in Season 2, a potential Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why will surely deal with other big issues — just like the previous two seasons. So Clay may be involved in other plots too. But with Clay finally recovering from Hannah's suicide, he'll find himself embroiled in another major incident that will impact the school and the whole town in Season 3. At least this time, Clay was miraculously able to stop anyone from getting hurt before it was too late.

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