3 Things You Should & 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Virgo Season This Year

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As of Aug. 23, the sun will have officially moved out of its bright n' shiny home sign of Leo, and right into earthy Virgo territory, marking the transition into Virgo season 2019. We stan a good Virgo transit. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo is schedule-oriented, well-timed, highly organized, and bright. These detail-oriented perfectionists have no shortage of energy when it comes to cleaning up a mess - in fact, they thrive on it. Virgos see the world through their own brand of rose-colored glasses, always seeking to improve everything around them — but they're not overly idealistic. Instead, Virgo energy is realist, and it knows exactly the hard work and meticulous planning that it takes to change the world — or at least the little corner of it that they and their loved ones inhabit.

We'll all be spending our final days of the summer season under Virgo's watchful eye, as Virgo season runs through Sept. 22, aka the autumnal equinox. Along with the new season, we have a chance to start fresh -and Virgo's neat-freak, improvement-focused energy is the perfect accompaniment to help us get things done thoroughly and meticulously. While setting out on an overly ambitious to-do list can be a hindrance, there's definitely an energy of ~let's get it done~ ambitiousness in the air that we should hone in on and take advantage of.

Bustle chatted with astrologer Lisa Stardust, who shed some light on some of the more interesting vibes that Virgo season 2019 will bring. "This time around, Virgo Season will me met with mixed energies," explained Stardust. "It’s important to keep a clear mind before engaging in drama with others." Leo season (and the many emotional retrogrades and eclipses of this past summer) were intense, so now's the time to try to clear our heads.

Because we're working with a mixed bag this season, it's going to be important to keep in mind . Here's what you should and shouldn't do during Virgo season 2019 if you want to ensure a smooth-sailin' cruise instead of the end-of-summer blues.

DO: Get Yourself Grounded


Leo season 2019 was all fire, passion, drama, and TBH, a little sprinkle of self-indulgent egotism, too. Virgo's earthy energy, on the other hand, is asking us to get grounded in ourselves and quiet our egos so we can hear what our higher self has to say. "Listen to the little voice in the back of your head known as intuition," advises Stardust. "Trust your gut." Now's the time to get your head back on straight and realign your wheels to ensure you're en route to what you want. Listening to that inner voice of intuition is going to be majorly important. Above all else, stay in tune with yourself.

DON'T: Believe Everything People Say

While yes, you should practice being a firm believer in everything your inner self has to say during Virgo season, thou shalt not grant this same luxury to everyone else. "Don’t believe what you hear," warns Stardust. "Our minds will be playing tricks on us, making us unable to decipher fact from fiction." No matter how well-intentioned, not everything people say is going to be as accurate as it seems. Uranus started its retrograde just a couple weeks before Virgo season began, so the confusion-inducing energy is strong. Keep that in mind as you navigate communication, and know that it's easy to mistake a rumor for hard fact.

DO: Remember That Patience Is A Virtue


Virgo energy wants to be in control of all the little details — but remember, when it comes to other people, you really can't control a damn thing. That said, adopting a patient, unassuming, go-with-the-flow attitude throughout Virgo season will be helpful — albeit not that easy. "Keep an open mind and heart," advises Stardust. "Allow people to speak before arguing with them." Impatiently jumping to conclusions or indulging your desire to exert control over someone isn't going to get you anywhere you want to be. Keeping an open mind? Now that'll open doors for you.

DON'T: Let Drama Get The Best Of You

The fallout from Leo season's mayhem mixed with Virgo's sensibility? That's a full-blown recipe for paranoia and potential drama. "Don’t let paranoias get the best of us," advises Stardust. "Breathe through the drama." Everyone around you might be feeling extra critical and nit-picky, and pretty unabashed about expressing it, to boot— all of which can be blamed as a pesky side effect of Virgo season's energy. Staying calm by practicing meditation, cooking yourself nourishing meals, redecorating your home, or spending time in nature and soaking up the last days of summer sun can all help you stealthily avoid any drama.

DO: Be Your Most Authentic Self


As we embrace Virgo's meticulousness and tidy up our affairs as we wrap up the summer season, we must remember that we can't always be neat n' tidy with our emotions. Make sure you're letting your true self shine, even if that's sometimes messy and disorganized and not fully in control. "Express yourself no matter the consequences," shares Stardust. "Don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside." Hiding your true self and feelings will only make things messier over time. That's like shoving the mess in your room behind a closet door instead of taking the extra few minutes to put things away. As any Virgo knows, that method never works out well.

DON'T: Indulge The Urge To Gossip

As mentioned, on a bad day, Virgo energy can get pretty critical — and because Venus is in Virgo during most of Virgo's sun season, too, we might find ourselves extra nit-picky in relationships, too. But just because you have the uncanny ability to pick up on everyone's flaws at the moment doesn't mean you should start voicing them aloud. "Don’t participate in gossip," warns Stardust. "It will backfire and create more drama in the long run." It's best to keep your newly-discovered pet peeves to yourself right now, if you can, and instead try to practice empathy and kindness. Your criticisms of others probably comes from a desire to help, or a frustration that they're not seeing a situation more clearly and making the right decisions for themselves. Compassion over criticism is the path to success this Virgo season.