3 Crystals For Virgo Season That Will Help You Make The Most Of The End Of Summer

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How's life been been for you in the fiery, passionate, all-eyes-on-me house of lion this past month? Leo season is always a party, but Virgo season 2019 is rollin' on in as of Aug. 23 to change up the energy and help us transition into a new vibe.

Energetically, there's been a focus on having fun and feelin' ourselves since the sun's been in Leo, but now it's moving into Virgo, an earth sign. "Virgo energy teaches us to serve, do impeccable work and prioritize wellbeing — of ourselves, our loved ones and the planet," wrote the AstroTwins on their site. Virgo energy is detail-oriented, efficient, and altruistic. They can be perfectionists, yes, but it comes from a deep desire to make the world a better, more effective, more beautiful place.

Given all the qualities of this mutable earth sign, to me, Virgo season is all about cleaning house. While it's not the whip-you-into-shape Capricorn vibe that we get around the start of a new year, it's more of a back-to-school type energy. And I mean this metaphorically, so it applies whether you're actually going back to school or not: It's simply a sign that the showiest, sunniest, wildest part of summer is coming to a natural close, and a reminder that it's time to start refocusing our energy on getting our sh*t together as we inch closer to the energetic harvest that is autumn.

If you're ready to take the reigns on some projects and endeavors in your life and start putting your ducks in order, Virgo season energy is what you'll want to harness. Working with crystals to help align yourself to astrological energy is one of my favorite ways to connect and feel centered, so I've gathered up a few of my favorite crystals for Virgo season 2019 that you can try in your personal practice.

If you're a crystal healing newbie, no worries — I've also included a few suggestions on super-simple ways to use each of these crystals. Give some of these crystals and their corresponding rituals a shot and see if you can't feel the energy for yourself!

Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper Crystal Sphere, $10.99, Nature's Treasures.

This very specific type of jasper is gentle, earthy, and nurturing, yes — but don't underestimate its power. This crystal is incredible for grounding your energy if you're feeling scattered, and it can also help to gently push away any negative energy, shame, or detrimental patterns, clearing the way for healthier behaviors. "It can be used to bring mental clarity and focus to a previously scattered event, experience or life in general," explains Healing Crystals on its site.

How to use it: Jasper is reportedly known as a "supreme nurturer," so this is the perfect crystal to use if you feel you could use some grounding. Leo season energy can really ignite our ego and energy level, so if you find it hard to ground and stay focused, hold your brecciated jasper in your hand and envision roots growing from your body into the ground, rooting you like a wise, old, solid tree.


Ametrine Crystal Points, $22, Etsy.

Ametrine, known for its gorgeous purple hue with inclusions of golden-orange, is actually a combination of two powerful crystals: Amethyst and citrine. Together, these crystals blend to create an ultra-balanced stone that is perfect for both inspiring you creatively and spiritually, as well as motivating you to actually act on your inspirations and make some magic happen for yourself and your goals. "Ametrine is useful for keeping the mind focused and alert when studying or learning," explains Healing With Crystals on its site. "It should be used when you are feeling mentally sluggish, foggy or unable to concentrate."

How to use it: Virgo energy is expert-level at getting sh*t done in an organized, efficient, and painstakingly detailed fashion. The citrine influence of the ametrine stone will help with that, while the amethyst energy will stimulate creativity. Putting this crystal where you can see it every day - such as in your workspace - is an ideal way to take advantage of its energy. "Many people use Ametrine for stress-relief, and as such, it is optimally placed in areas where one would need it the most, i.e. in one's office or cubicle, in the car, in a pocket, or wherever you find yourself under stress," wrote Healing Crystals. The site also suggests holding ametrine "during mediation or any kind of energy work to induce a deeply relaxed state," which you can easily do discreetly during a quick break at work or anywhere else.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate Palm Stone, $16.49, Etsy.

Like most crystals of the color green, moss agate is associated with the heart chakra, which is all about healing and compassion. It's also deeply rooted in earth energy, which is an ideal companion to call on during the reign of an earth sign like Virgo - in fact, it's considered a Virgo birthstone, so its energy is extra compatible. "They are excellent healing crystals for you to put to good use to bring an increase in abundance and prosperity in a general way in all areas of your life," explained Healing Crystals For You on its site.

How to use it: If you're ready to do some manifesting during Virgo season, especially in relation to earthly possessions or money or things that relate to getting your affairs in order (home, job, etc.), moss agate can be very helpful. Write down a list of your goals, intentions, or manifestations - but don't stop there. For each one, write down at least 3-5 realistic steps that you must take in order to make these dream a reality. Post this list somewhere in your space where you'll see it daily, and place a moss agate stone next to it or on top of it. It'll help set this energy in motion as you work toward your goals.