Benefit's Summer 2017 Collection Is Super Dreamy

by Jessica Willingham

Warmer weather is coming early this year, with big cosmetic brands already gearing up to launch spring and summer collections. Spring and summer lines usually boast new products, new palettes, updated formulas, and old favorites. Benefit Cosmetics' Summer 2017 Collection is no exception, with a growing range of colors and formulas for every skin tone. Grab your tax return, because you'll want to spend it all on this sunny collection.

Both the Dandelion and Hoola lines are welcoming a new member to the family, and rumors are swirling that a brand new face palette is being released. Benefit's cheek products are the star this summer, proving that skin is in for another season. Swap the heavy foundation for CC cream, blend in liquid bronzer, and top with blush and highlight — it's an easy look that won't melt off your face. Plus, Benefit is keeping its cardboard packaging, which is great for sustaining road trips and long travel days. Everything about the line is summertime-inspired, including a hippie girl on the cover of the brand new Galifornia blush. Janis Joplin would approve.

Benefit Cosmetics will launch its summer collection online on March 21, and in all stores on April 7. (If you live outside of the US, you may be seeing these beauties on store shelves already — lucky you!)

Here's what's in the entire collection:

Galifornia Blush

Galifornia Blush, $34, Sephora

How gorgeous is this golden, peachy highlighter? With shimmering flecks, you can look glowy and natural. Swipe some on your cheeks and head out the door.

Dandelion Twinkle Highlight

Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter, $34, Sephora

Strobe with the newest member of the Dandelion line, a nude pink powder highlight that's perfect for pale skin.

HoolaLite Quickie Contour Stick

HoolaLite Quickie Contour Stick, $30, Sephora

The most universal bronzer just got even more inclusive. Now super light skin tones can contour on the go with cream stick Hoola bronzer in extra light.

Rumor has it that there might be more additions, so follow Benefit Cosmetics' Instagram and Snapchat accounts closely. You're not going to want to miss out on any of the items from this collection!