ColourPop’s Memorial Day Sale Includes 20% Off Of Almost Anything

When it comes to affordable beauty, it's hard to beauty Colourpop Cosmetics. From concealers to brow products to lippies, they've basically got it all, and they've got it for cheap. Even this affordable AF brand knows the allure of a good deal, though, and ColourPop's Memorial Day sale is one you can't miss. With a 20 percent discount on almost everything on the site, this beauty lover favorite just got even better (even if you didn't think that was possible).

According to their website, the ColourPop Memorial Day sale does come with some caveats. However, they shouldn't be anything that'll derail fans from shopping. The first note is that you've got to spend $50. While that does not seem like a ton of money when it comes to high-end brands, that's basically a shopping spree for ColourPop, and with 20 percent off that purchase, you'll seriously be able to stock up on goods.

The second thing to note about the Memorial Day sale is that there are exceptions. While the brand doesn't list them out one by one, if you click on an item that's excluded, it'll say so before you add it to your cart. What seems to be on the list? All of their palettes, their latest lip gloss launches, and other new releases.

How do you take advantage of ColourPop's sale? It's so easy. Unlike other Memorial Day sales, you won't need to toggle back and forth between tabs to hunt through your email for the brand's coupon code. Nope. ColourPop has made shopping their sale super easy. Simply add $50 worth of qualifying merchandise to your cart, and like magic, you've got a 20 percent discount.

In the landscape of ColourPop's beauty options, the exclusions to their 20 percent off only kind of matter so there's not reason not to shop. While you can't snag a full on palette, the brand has been expanding their offerings so greatly that it's just a tiny blip on the shopping radar.

Plus, you can kind of get around it any way. If you head to the individual pressed powder shadows, they qualify for the sale. The other item that qualifies? Their empty palette. While it may not be quite as affordable as a pre-made ColourPop palette, it'll be totally customized to you.

Don't feel limited to just eyeshadows and lip glosses, though. The brand is so much more than that. In the past year, they've launched a successful and inclusive range of concealers that could be added to your cart. They've also got their iconic Super Shock Cheek blushes and highlighters if you're looking for more face products. Plus, don't forget that they've also added setting sprays to their beauty repertoire. ColourPop is honestly doing the most, but it's in the best way possible.

As for how fans feel about the ColourPop Memorial Day sale? Good, but also kind of sad for their wallets.

Fans who had already shopped some of the previous promotions (since it is ColourPop's birthday month) didn't mind. They're willing to shop again.

Other fans' wallets are crying out for help, but hey, when a sale is this good, it's basically impossible to pass it up, right?

If you want to shop the ColourPop Memorial Day sale, head over to the brand's website now. It may not be long before these cheap but quality products start to sell out, and how sad would that be? From concealers to lipsticks to setting sprays and highlighters, there's little you can't get from this deal. What are you waiting for? Get that credit card ready.