LIVELY's Statement Series Collection Is Super Chic

by Melanie Richtman

Finding cute and comfortable bras can be quite the chore, but luckily LIVELY is on a mission to make that a little easier for you. On Feb. 12 LIVELY's Statement Series Collection launches, and you're going to want to buy all of their new, chic bras immediately.

LIVELY's statement series collection features two different retro silhouettes in three different colors, each costing $35. Not bad for a cute bra! LIVELY's previous collection featured a few different lace styles and prints, but this collection is much simpler and chicer.

The statement series comes out on Feb. 12, which is convenient timing not only for New York Fashion Week, but also for Valentine's Day. Because is there really a better excuse for buying more lingerie than Valentine's Day? Not that you need an excuse to buy undies this cute.

LIVELY has previously described their concept as "leisurée" because their products combine athleisure, lingerie and swimwear into one comfortable garment. Khloe Kardashian is a fan of the brand, wearing one of LIVELY's mesh bralettes as a crop top last summer, so while you may not be able to afford most of the things Kardashians wear, you might actually be able to afford these bras.

LIVELY's bras are simple and flattering.

You can get one for yourself on Feb. 12 by visiting

Images courtesy of Lively & Kayla Varley