MAC's Work It Out Collection Is Filled With Colorful Classics

by Kali Borovic

Spring has officially sprung in the makeup world, and this collection might just be the best yet. MAC Cosmetics created a line of neon makeup, and it's absolutely incredible. What's in MAC's Work It Out Collection, you ask? Listen up, color-lovers, because this one is for you. There's everything from new shades to classic staples that you're going to want as soon as you see them.

MAC has a way of taking their products and making them new again. That's exactly what they've done with their Work It Out Collection. Odds are that you've already seen these product before, but never like this. The entire collection is neon. I'm talking everything from mascaras and liners to glosses and sprays like you've never seen before.

The brand surprised their fans with the collection on social media on Mar. 20 — the first day of spring — and people are loving the products. The Work It Out Collection has 17 shades of their In Extreme Dimension Mascara, six Chromatic Pencils, three Studio Quiktrik Sticks, six Crystalized Glaze Glosses, four lipsticks, and three scents of their Fix+. While the names are all familiar, the colors are shockingly bright. If you vowed to add some more color to your makeup bag this spring, this is the collection for you.

There's only one catch — the Work It Out Collection is so great that it's selling out extremely fast. In just 24, all of the colored liners and three of the neon mascaras are already sold out. All three of their scented MAC Fix+ are also gone already. Bottom line: get over there and shop while you still can.

The brand has yet to announce if they will have a restock. Normally, they're really great at listening to their customers and bringing back favored products. So fingers crossed that this time is the same. Bustle reached out to MAC to see if they will be restocking and if the collection is limited edition.

Whether you're looking to rock these items at a rave or just make a bold statement, you have to admit that these MAC products are pretty great. Just to be safe, I'd head over to the website and shop the items while you still can.