21 Peachy Summer Perfumes That Smell Irresistibly Juicy

You’ll want them all.

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Here are the best peach perfumes for summer 2024 from Jo Malone London, Tom Ford, Le Monde Gourmand,...
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Warm and nostalgic vanilla fragrances are a mainstay in the cooler and cozier winter months. But when summertime — a moment for glossy nails and “coconut girl” fits — rolls around, most people crave a lighter, fresher, and flirtier scent to match the season’s laidback mood.

In other words? Yummy fruity perfumes are a definite green flag for beachside getaways and beyond — and the juicy, nostalgic aromas of peaches, in particular, are *everything* during the warmest the of year.

Better yet, the familiar smell of stone fruit is surprisingly versatile, and has a honeyed, sun-kissed air of youthfulness. And if you shy away from sweeter fragrances? Indie and luxe name brands alike have found new and interesting way to make the note enticingly bitter and bold, therein bringing it to more mature and sophisticated territories.

If you just so happen to be in need of some newness these next few months, here are the most unique (and lovely) perfumes that are filled with the memory-inducing scent of peaches.


The Luxe Peach

Playful, yet luxe and sophisticated, Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach is brimming with notes of ripened peach, sunny blood orange, and earthy patchouli.


The Seriously Serene Scent

Bahia achieves true olfactive serenity as the aromas of sheer peach nectar, golden gardenia, and sensual cedarwood swirl around your senses.


The Gorgeous Gourmand

For the total gourmand lovers of the world, Pêche Délicieuse reflects all things warm and delicious with notes of ripe peach, sumptuous cocoa, creamy vanilla, and baked musks.


The Sweet & Spicy Pick

Nothing is quite as elevated and elegant as Chanel perfumes — and Coco is truly no different. The key notes? Spiced clove, luminous peach, and full-bodied Tonka.


The Opulent Peach

Inspired by memories of India, Madurai is pure opulence, as intoxicating jasmine and otherworldly sandalwood are made a bit brighter with hints of juicy, sun-filled peach.


The Seductively Playful Spritz

A true reflection of its feminine balletcore-esque bottle, BONBON is where juicy peach and decadent blackcurrant collide with the mouth-watering decadence of caramel.


The Cloud-Like Peach Perfume

Youthful and light, Peach Fields is defined by notes of cloud-like sandalwood, floral osmanthus, and of course, juicy white peach.


The Year-Round Go-To

Recently revealed as one of Gigi Hadid’s favorite fragrances, My Burberry Black is filled with a warmth by way of sun-drenched jasmine, candied rose, a hint of peach nectar, and heated amber (that, TBH, works well beyond summer).


The Realistic Peach Vibe

Perfect for spritzing in your hair for a long-lasting scent, PEACHES perfectly matches its name with added notes of orange flower and sugared musk.


The Peachy Floral

À Fleur de Pêche captures the delicate femininity of the peach by mixing the beloved fruit with notes of heady jasmine and woody patchouli.


The Lightweight & Clean Peach

Crafted to bottle up those feelings of carefree, weightless days so associated with summer, Floating is filled with bergamot, peach, woods, and clean linen.


The Mood-Boosting Aroma

Uplifting, vibrant, and vibe-enhancing, Sunrise Moon features notes of grounded cardamom, peach, and luminous mandarin.


The Flirtatious Peach

A unisex fragrance that is meant to be shared, Peach Me is made all the more flirtatious and fun with notes of mango, peach, coconut, orange, and cinnamon.


The Layer-Friendly Pure Peach

Demeter’s collection of fragrances are unique in that they feature individual notes, encouraging creative mixing and matching. If you’re on the market for a juicy perfume, its Peach is reminiscent of sunny stone fruit orchards.


The Elegant & Fresh Fave

Part of Jo Malone London’s nature-inspired line, Nectarine Blossom & Honey is a delightful treat to the senses as the scents of mouthwatering nectarine, fresh peach, and thick honey unfold.


The Library-Inspired Fragrance

Drawing on the smell of old-age libraries filled with leather-bound books, Bibliothèque is enriched with a unique combination of juicy peach, decadent plum, earthy violet, cozy vanilla, and of course, worn leather.


The Citrusy Floral

An elegantly floral formula packed with peaches and neroli notes, Lilliana was inspired by the joyful parties that defined the roaring ’20s.


The Irresistably Nostalgic One

A perfume that gives big Barbie energy in more ways than one, Toy 2 Bubble Gum is defined by notes of candied citruses, juicy fruits, and a unique bubble gum accord.


The Modern Peach

For a more modern and edgy take, try Dirty Peach. The scent is a mix of tart peach skin and sun-kissed jasmine petals.


The Classic Summertime Scent

Inspired by dreamy getaways to the Italian coast, Light Blue Summer Vibes is truly an exscapist delight thanks to the blend of exotic bergamot, sweet peach, and alluring cedarwood.


The Sparkling Peach

Crisp and coquettish, Park Avenue South is filled with effervescence by way of snappy green apple flowers, sumptuous jasmine, and heated peach.

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