Tarte's Fan Favorite Shape Tape Line Is Expanding With FOUR New Products

One of Tarte's cult fave collections is getting an expansion of a different sort. Tarte's Shape Tape range has been updated with new products. No, the brand is not adding more new shades of Shape Tape concealer or foundation. Remember, the brand has done foundation and concealer shade extensions when customers complained that the shade ranges haven't been inclusive enough — since they weren't.

This time out, Tarte is updating the Shape Tape suite of products with several non-color products that focus on your skin and complexion and that optimize your makeup. It's meant to up that concealer game.

However, there is a pressed powder that only come in 15 tones. There are fair, light, medium, dark, and deep shades. While this is a limited amount of shades, coverage can be built accordingly, which aids in the shade matching process. The product is designed to be layered and can be paired with your usual foundation and concealer and can address one's skin issues — all the while focusing on undertones and mattifying.

Overall, the new Shape Tape assortment is all about prepping, priming, smoothing, protecting, and hydrating skin.

Here's the basic intel.

There is a base face cream that offers mega facial moisture and some glow. It preps skin for makeup application. There's a nourishing coconut primer that does the same — it provides a silky base on which you can build your entire look.

There's a balm that also acts as a primer for normal-to-oily skin that will blur pores and control oil and shine. That way, the foundation and concealer you do apply to your skin stay put. The aforementioned pressed powder will address issues such as redness, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.

Most of the products in this Shape Tape expansion are focused on making sure your skin is healthy and ready for makeup. It's always a good idea to take care of your skin. That way, you will look amaze with or without makeup.

All products are available via the Tarte site, which, by the way, is a hub for plenty of deeply discounted products and super sales. These products are new so they are full price.

Here's a more detailed rundown of products and pricing.

1. First Step Prep Moisture Reset Cream

2. Base Tape Hydrating Primer

3. Shape Tape Pore & Prime Balm

4. Shape Tape Pressed Powder

You can use any or all of these products or a combo of 'em to address your skin type or whatever skin issues you are dealing with. This sort of multi-step routine takes inspo from the K-beauty concept that several products are not a chore. Rather, they are necessary to properly and fully care for skin.

While the Pressed Powder range could certainly be expanded to account for even more skin tones, they are meant to work with other Tarte offerings.

The brand was on hand to answer fan and customer questions about the best way to incorporate these products into existing routines and repertoires in the Insta comments.

It's like having a Tarte expert as your own personal beauty consultant.

These products really provide assists to makeup and color products. It's like using proper and quality tools. The same concept applies — how you apply product, what you use to apply product, and how to you care for your base aka skin certainly affects how your products perform. Tarte's latest drop helps eliminate the guesswork and to wholly pamper the skin.