What's Leaving Netflix In March 2017? Say Goodbye To Some Classics

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The shortest month of the year has come, it has seen, it has conquered. And now, it’s leaving us. And along with it, so are some movies. Though this time around Netflix won’t be taking content such as Clueless (that was last month, sorry if you didn’t know), or Save the Last Dance (also last month), some beloved movies and TV shows will no longer be available after March. As for what’s leaving Netflix in March 2017 specifically, let’s just say there doesn’t appear to be a rhyme, reason, or method to the madness. Netflix then cometh and taketh the movies and TV — like Jesus with the bread.

This isn’t all bad news. (Well, to be fair this list is pretty much all bad news.) But, there are tons of new Netflix shows premiering this month, new seasons of your favorites (Love, Grace & Frankie, etc.), new stand up-specials (Amy Schumer’s), and other miscellaneous things for you to spend hours watching. So, as you read about what's departing, keep that in mind. Netflix — like life, and also the tides — is all about the ebb and the flow. Take some hours out of your busy schedule to watch the following films and shows before they disappear for good. Or from Netflix. (That's the same thing, right?)

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