What's Leaving Netflix In March 2017? Say Goodbye To Some Classics

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The shortest month of the year has come, it has seen, it has conquered. And now, it’s leaving us. And along with it, so are some movies. Though this time around Netflix won’t be taking content such as Clueless (that was last month, sorry if you didn’t know), or Save the Last Dance (also last month), some beloved movies and TV shows will no longer be available after March. As for what’s leaving Netflix in March 2017 specifically, let’s just say there doesn’t appear to be a rhyme, reason, or method to the madness. Netflix then cometh and taketh the movies and TV — like Jesus with the bread.

This isn’t all bad news. (Well, to be fair this list is pretty much all bad news.) But, there are tons of new Netflix shows premiering this month, new seasons of your favorites (Love, Grace & Frankie, etc.), new stand up-specials (Amy Schumer’s), and other miscellaneous things for you to spend hours watching. So, as you read about what's departing, keep that in mind. Netflix — like life, and also the tides — is all about the ebb and the flow. Take some hours out of your busy schedule to watch the following films and shows before they disappear for good. Or from Netflix. (That's the same thing, right?)


The 1975 Spielberg classic was essentially the prototype for summer blockbusters. If you need any more reasons to watch it, other than it being a cornerstone of film history, consider this: Jaws has been preserved in the United States National Film Registry due to it being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." (March 1)

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'Jaws 2'

The sequel to Jaws might not be in the National Film Registry, but it's still an American thriller that will make you never want to go on boats or near any body of water ever again. In other words, it does exactly what it sets out to. (March 1)

Universal Pictures

'Jaws 3'

Just in case you want to round out your back-to-back Jaws viewing session, the 1983 threequel will also be leaving. (March 1)

Universal Pictures

'Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox'

The animated film based on the 2011 comic book crossover, Flashpoint, will get you amped for Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League. (March 1)

Warner Bros. Animation

'Keeping Up Appearances'

A quirky British sitcom that follows the life and eccentricities of Hyacinth Bucket. If you need more info, this is a woman who believes her last name, which is clearly spelled "Bucket," is pronounced "bouquet." (March 1)



This post-apocalyptic series revolves around for people and one deadly flu virus. It also serves as a good reminder to always get your flu shot. (March 1)


'Monarch Of The Glen' Seasons 1-7

Based on Sir Compton Mackenzie's Highland Novels, and set in the Scottish Highlands, this drama comedy has something for everyone — scenery, family strife, and property maintenance. (March 1)


'Robinhood' Seasons 1-3

As a reimagining of the legendary, charitable Robin Hood, the series follows Robin post the Third Crusade. And yes, the man still hates taxes. (March 1)


'Black Or White'

This 2014 film, starring Kevin Costner and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, tackles themes of race during a custody battle for a young girl and her grieving, widowed father. (March 2)

Treehouse Films


If you're in the mood for a Western thriller starring Betty Draper from Mad Men, then Sweetwater is your film. Set in the late 1800s, the story revolves around a revenge fantasy. Plus, Ed Harris. (March 2)

Kickstart Productions

'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey'

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves reprise their roles as Bill and Ted in this follow up to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. If you enjoyed the sci-fi, comedic, and fantastical aspects of the first film, the second one's just as crazy and just as worth watching. (March 3)

Orion Pictures

'Web Junkie'

This riveting documentary that explores an internet addiction rehab in Beijing, China. Also known as the only internet addiction rehab in the world. (March 3)

Dogwoof Pictures

'The Nanny Diaries'

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Scarlett Johansson stars as a recent college grad who serendipitously ends up nannying for a privileged New York family. (March 4)

The Weinstein Company


The fictional stand-up comedian created and played by Gregg Turkington goes by the name Neil Hamburger. He's meant to be delightfully terrible, so writer-director Rick Alverson takes Hamburger on a comedy tour to test that theory. The result is definitely... entertaining. (March 4)

Magnolia Pictures

'I Dream Of Wires'

If you're looking to understand modular synthesizers, which I imagine some of you are, then check out this documentary. The subject matter's esoteric, but the execution can be enjoyed by anyone. OK, anyone who's really interested in the rise and fall of a machine that shaped electronic music. (March 4)


'The Discoverers'

The dark, family-saga comedy follows history professor Lewis Birch as he embarks on a road trip with his two children. Along the way he learns that his mother has fallen ill, so the family takes a bit of a detour. (March 4)

Quadratic Media

'Food Chains'

This 2014 documentary centers around agricultural labor in the United States. Unsettling but necessary viewing. (March 5)

Screen Media

'Love At First Sight'

Love at First Sight explores the concept that's laid out in its title. Can two people really accomplish this feat? And if so, what does that say about them? (March 8)

Haut et Court

'The Starving Games'

A satirical spoof on The Hunger Games. Starring a character named Kantmiss Evershot. (March 8)

The Safran Company


Set in 1984 New Zealand, the eponymous boy is an 11-year-old Michael Jackson fan, whose father returns to his life. With a lot of money. (March 15)

Unison Films

'B For Boy'

Set in Nigeria, B for Boy follows one woman's journey and desperation to have a son. It explores the discrimination and social issues facing women in modern West Africa. (March 15)

No Blondes Production

'My Girlfriend's Boyfriend'

An American rom-com starring Alyssa Milano, who ends up in a love triangle with a struggling novelist and advertising executive. A classic tale. (March 15)

Opus Distribution

'Sushi: The Global Catch'

This documentary delves into the past, present, and future of the sushi industry. It takes on the potentially detrimental consequences that the popular Japanese cuisine could have on the ocean's ecosystems. (March 15)

Sakana Film Productions

'American Dreamz'

As a satire of American entertainment (specifically shows like American Idol and The X Factor), Paul Weitz's film starring Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, and Mandy Moore should be added to your list if you're in the mood for something silly. (March 16)

Universal Pictures

'The Invincible Iron Man'

A year before Robert Downey Jr. took on the role as Tony Stark, an animated film based on the comic of the same name was released. To prep yourself for all the upcoming Marvel films, give it a watch. (March 23)

Marvel Studios


According to the Netflix summary, this goofy animated film follows one sheepdog's desire to go to the moon. (March 25)

Lumiq Studios

'Erasing Hate'

Reformed skinhead Bryon Widner wanted to remove his racist tattoos. So, documentary filmmaker Bill Brumme decided to capture the two-year process on film. (March 28)


'The Kingdom Of Dreams & Madness'

A behind-the-scenes look of renowned filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, and the productions of two Japanese animated films:The Wind Rises and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. (March 28)



Detropia is an illuminating 2012 documentary that focuses on Detroit, Michigan. Specifically, its automobile industry and how it's negatively affected the city's economy. (March 29)

Loki Films

'I Melt With You'

This arthouse thriller film premiered at Sundance in 2011 and tells the story of a group of men each undergoing their own midlife crisis. (March 29)

'The Life & Crimes Of Doris Payne'

A 2013 documentary that chronicles the fascinating Doris Payne, an octogenarian international jewel thief. (March 29)

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