This Is The Most Popular Piece Of New Kylie Merch

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Valentine's Day may be all about your significant other, for fans of Kylie Jenner, the holiday was all about the Kylie Shop's new merch. The online version of Kylie Jenner's New York City pop-up shop launched on Valentine's Day, and fans were stoked for the launch before it even happened. As it turns out, though, those fans seemed to have one favorite item in the shop. In fact, it was the first item to sell out during the launch, and as of press time, the item and its matching bottom are the only items completely gone.

What seems to be the most popular item in the Kylie Shop? It's an item that Jenner herself donned before the shop opened online. The Thick! Elastic Brand Hoodie in Mustard is completely sold out over at the Kylie Shop website, and for fans of Jenner's that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. While, I personally thought the Kris Jenner merch would sell out insanely fast, it makes more sense that Kylie Jenner's fans would want something she repped herself.

In the plethora of Instagram posts leading up to the big launch of her Jenner's new merch, she posted an image of herself in the hoodie and matching sweatpants to the Kylie Shop Instagram page.

While the hoodie may be sold out, it doesn't mean that other items are also insanely popular. In fact, there are several other items that are on the verge of of a sell-out. Considering this is a Kylie Jenner venture, items are sure to fly off the shelves in the coming days. If I had to guess, though, she stocked this store with even more items than her last.

The $80 hoodie may be one of the more expensive options in the store, but it didn't deter fans from the purchase. While it may be the seeming best seller, fans are excited about every single last piece of Kylie merch.

The Kylie bomber was a sell-out item in the last Kylie shop.

Fans definitely have other favorites.

The merch is so good that fans want it all, but even if you weren't able to snag that coveted mustard Thick! hoodie, there's still tons left to shop. Head over to the Kylie Shop now, though, because all those Kylie goods are sure to be gone soon.