Drama Is Still Following Tom D'Agostino Long After His Divorce From Luann

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In Real Housewives of New York history, has there ever been a love story of more woe than that between Luann de Lesseps and Tom D'Agostino? The two got married despite lots of protestations from their RHONY costars, including a dramatic confrontation with Bethenny Frankel, but divorced after just a few months as a married couple. Luann is returning as a Housewife and the fallout of her marriage will surely be on display all season long, but what is Tom doing after Real Housewives of New York?

The other half of the former RHONY power couple was frequently in the show's orbit, even before he got together with Luann, as a friend (and former flame) of Sonja's. When Luann returns for the RHONY Season 10 premiere, it will be without Tom in tow — but while he's no longer going to be the star of a reality show, he has found his way into a few more dramatic situations since their split in August 2017.

Unlike his ex-wife, Tom isn't a big fan of social media, so he's mostly receded from the public eye. But he has had a few more brushes with infamy in the last six months. Just before the couple officially divorced, D'Agostino explained the breakup to E! News, saying, "I fell in love, got married quickly and am very sad that two people in love are not together ... I wish Luann much happiness and love." Just a few weeks later, according to photos from The Daily Mail, Tom was photographed with Anna Rothschild in London. The Daily Mail referred to Rothschild as D'Agostino's girlfriend, but Rothschild told Page Six that she and D'Agostino were not romantically involved. "We’re best friends for 15 years. I adore Tom. I would love to marry Tom because he’s such a great guy, but it’s bad timing for both of us," she said, but clarified that they are definitely not engaged.

In late February 2018, Page Six reported that after allegedly running into a former business parter while out at a nightclub, that D'Agostino and the man allegedly threw drinks at one another, allegedly escalating the conflict until police were called. According to what a source told E! News about the alleged incident, which took place in Palm Beach, "A man that is known around town went over and put his hands on Tom's girlfriend. Tom intervened and drinks were thrown by both Tom and the man."

Luann would likely call such an un-Countess-like display "like, uncool," but throwing drinks to express a long-held rivalry is undoubtedly a Housewives-appropriate confrontation. Page Six later reported that D'Agostino was cleared by police for his alleged role in the "scuffle," and no charges were filed.

But the one place where D'Agostino doesn't seem to have any drama is with his ex-wife. According to a moment from the RHONY Season 10 premiere (seen above), Luann said that her post-divorce relationship with Tom wasn't particularly close, although she did say that they texted on occasion.

After Luann was arrested in Palm Beach in December 2017 (for which she issued an apologetic statement saying in part, "I am committed to transformative and hopeful 2018,") D'Agostino responded to the news in a statement of his own, per People. He said he "felt really sad for Luann and her family that they had to go through this."

In the above clip, when asked by fellow Housewife Dorinda Medley if there's every "any feelings of running back," Luann eventually settled on a firm "no." It certainly seems unlikely that this couple will ever reunite. And, based on all the drama during their short relationship, that may be for the best — at least if you ask the RHONY stars.